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Girls pay attention to these kinds of underwear can not be worn later

Underwear is a kind of girls love and hate clothes, love is to wear underwear will make the girls look more likely to chest and prevent the light, hate is to wear underwear really super uncomfortable, giving a But in any case underwear for girls are very important, so girls in the choice of underwear to choose the right underwear, will be on their own chest growth and development is very good, the following Xiaobian to give you a few talk about Do not try to wear several kinds of underwear!

1, take off underwear indentation of underwear
Some girls wear a day underwear and found their chest Xiong more obvious indentation, but they do not have too much attention to continue to wear such underwear, which in fact shows that the underwear is not fit, long wear This kind of underwear may make your breasts get oppressed and become smaller.

2, shoulder straps fall underwear
Generally speaking, underwear shoulder strap slide for two reasons, one is the design of the underwear shoulder strap is not suitable for your shoulder type, if it is a slender girl on the choice of a shoulder strap underwear, there is a Is wearing underwear for too long and lead to underwear is very loose, so easy to slide on the shoulder strap.

3, will run the cup underwear
If the underwear becomes a little big will be very easy to run the case of the cup, if the underwear in public places running cup is a super embarrassing thing, often wear this underwear for chest development is very bad.

4, can not afford to support the role of underwear
Girls wear underwear the biggest purpose is to play a role in the breast, so that the chest will not sag, if the underwear have not had a good set off role, then this underwear has been no great effect.

Girls in the choice of underwear must pay more attention to these aspects, choose a suitable for your i, good underwear will really be good for your chest growth and development, or will have some bad health effects on their own

Summer new girl sexy no steel bra strap thick stripes a piece of seamless underwear small chest gather bra
Seamless underwear is now a lot of young mm who like to wear a underwear, because the seamless texture of underwear soft and smooth, very comfortable to wear without a strong sense of restraint, underwear is relatively small type, can be a good focus on the chest Type to make your breast type more perfect!

Adjustable sleep bra bra sports lingerie female gathered outside the expansion of the sub-dowry vest Japanese no steel ring
For those who often go to sports and fitness MM who need to wear a sports underwear, and sports underwear and ordinary underwear is different from the better to prevent the chest to prevent sagging, can better protect the chest, chest surface of the small hollow also You can exercise in the chest more breathable, wear sexy and comfortable

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