Itsy,bitsy,teenie,weenie food court bikini: woman wearing underwear through Sabah city

Recently, a woman in the photo unscrupulously crossed the city street of Kota Kinabalu in Sabah, wearing a bikini bottom and a long-sleeved shirt, which has spread the virus online, and even The Star was released in their print version this morning. A copy of this photo.

Just outside, near a restaurant near the Asian city complex, even the National Tourism, Culture and Environment Minister Christina Liew weighed the issue and welcomed everyone to see the state and appreciate it. It has all the natural beauty. They should pay attention to what they wear.

“You should understand cultural sensitivity…not walking in underwear,” she said in response to the photo.

She admits that although the guide can do its part to reaffirm what is acceptable, many of the guidelines are “pure common sense”.

In fact, we bet that if you don’t wear your bikini bottoms and walk by chance, it may be considered something beyond common sense, and may not even be worth mentioning.

Although we are here – how about some other tips: In addition, wear shoes! Don’t forget not to open your bowel movements!

After the photos spread, netizens were sultry under the collar. Some people asked if this was a new trend, while others wanted to know if Sabah was much hotter than any of us realized.

Earlier this year, two Chinese tourists were arrested and danced along the front of the city mosque. Both were fined RM25 (US$6.10) and were taken to Kota Kinabalu Airport to return home.

There is no news of whether this woman has received any warning or fine because of her rash behavior, but is it sure that publishing your photo in a national newspaper is enough to be punished?

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