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Wearing a few small habits of underwear, wearing a big difference between the wear!

A pair of underwear is not cheap, and wear it is not comfortable, good trouble Oh. Many of my sisters say this, but the one who put on is putting the flesh and blood of other places. Meat meat homing your cup will become larger. Underwear is the most intimate friend of the girls, want to protect you must know these small details.

1. your underwear will generally wear a few days, every day for, or for many days do not change it?
Experts show that there are about 100 grams of metabolites on each of the underwear that has hundreds of millions of bacteria per day. Wearing a few days will affect the skin health Oh. Even get breast disease?
So we usually wear underwear every day to wash Oh, to dry in the sun. No matter how expensive the underwear is not to wear for more than six months. Time is too long underwear deformation becomes dirty, you can not protect your chest.

2. Will you choose a different underwear on different occasions?
Some experts suggest that different occasions, it is best to wear different underwear, such as sports and fitness to wear sports underwear. Very good house, sagging and other chest trouble. Usually, we must choose cotton underwear comfortable, and will not be to stimulate the chest. Not very important occasions try not to wear a chest pad underwear. Very heavy underwear will affect the metabolism, but also affect the breast health.

3. Do you want to make the chest look full of some, choose a small cup of underwear?
Do not do too much squeeze the chest, will make the chest fat scattered. Resulting in vice breast or abdominal meat raised. But also greatly increased the risk of mastitis. You have to remember Oh, wear underwear is not for fashion, but for health.

4. Do you always feel comfortable wearing a bra?
Is actually a normal phenomenon Oh, because the main function of the bra is to support your chest, so he must be close to you. The ideal degree of tightness and the distance between the back does not exceed the space of the two fingers. So, underwear must be fit themselves.

5. How should the underwear be accepted?underwear manufacturer china
Right to say that the way the bra is to buckle the buckle, and then into the cabinet. Or hook will be hook broken, oh other clothes, and do not squeeze to the cover. So that the cover deformation.

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