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They are not wearing underwear, but will wear underwear!

Hot summer, as girls first thing is certainly not want to wear underwear, because the feeling of sweat only underwear only clear it. But the face of so nice to see the cool summer models, underwear will always come out brush sense of existence. In fact, the root of all your distress is that there is no election on the underwear. Today to teach you 2 small coup, so you wear underwear when it can be very cool.

1, choose thin section without steel underwear

Now so hot weather, who would choose to wear thick cotton pad underwear? Those who gather what the effect of the general to go, a lot of clothes are flat chest girls wear well. So the underwear can choose some thin section, lace can also, as long as the size and style are appropriate like. Lace is really very beautiful, stylish and sexy.

Mysterious sense of sexy triangular cup lace before the front buckle female underwear no steel thin cotton breathable bra bra. Want to be more refreshing in summer, this underwear is very suitable for you. Exquisite lace pattern embellishment as a whole, outline the charming sexy temperament. Triangle cup, small and exquisite and inclusive, but also not too cumbersome, refreshing breathable. A change in the traditional back button design, the use of the front buckle off when more convenient. Underwear at the end of the crotch design for the cotton fabric, has a good skin-friendly and breathable.

Summer non-sponge sexy front lace large chest ultra-thin paragraph transparent underwear ladies small chest gather bra suit. Ultra-thin underwear style, with fine silky lace fabric, no steel ring makes you more relaxed. Exquisite lace hollow lace dotted cup, with exquisite little strap, comfortable and breathable. Underwear is relatively simple, not too much fabric, so that can make you more refreshing.

2, chest paste

Often see someone wearing a harness will want to say, why do people wear harnesses are so beautiful, I have exposed underwear shoulder strap, so embarrassing things goddess generally do not do so. So when wearing a harness how to ensure that do not wear underwear and no dew point? Chest paste is a very good weapon, put on a small vest or a small harness underwear completely invisible.

3, lace underwear

Summer is very hot, so girls are like to wear a halter, but the back of the underwear to how to solve? Do not wear it empty words do not look good. If you wear usual underwear to go out, should be beaten, because it is not fashionable. So a black lace underwear is very suitable for you.

The simple and simple design of fashion, without too much decoration, the back by the combination of the band, a touch of summer piercing the temptation of the summer, The beauty of the back. No steel ring style makes you more relaxed, and sometimes skin-friendly cotton fabric, breathable and skin-friendly are very good. This is also the front buckle design, you want the United States and the United States halter, and ultimately it Oh.

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