Award-winning Seattle pair hits the big prize with underwear

The future of a small clothing company in South Seattle is bright.

In just a few years of its existence, Tomboy X was named King County’s annual small business by the county governor Constant Constantine.

“I am very honored,” said Fran Dunaway, co-owner of Tomboy X. “I can tell you, we didn’t expect it.”

The company was a bit frustrated after its establishment. Dunaway said she wanted a good quality button shirt.

“Like ‘Robert Graham’ or ‘Ben Sherman’ for women,” Dunaway told KOMO News.

But she could not find a one for women. Fran is very happy because her business and life partner Naomi Gonzalez can prove it.

“I am very angry,” Gonzalez said with a smile.

This kind of trouble led to the idea of ​​building your own clothing company. Tomboy X started with a shirt, but after a few years, the focus changed according to the opinions of the customers.

“Naomi is doing our customer service, and she continues to hear many customers saying that we should make boxing shorts for women,” Fran said. “We don’t know no one is doing this.”

With a slight rebranding, Tomboy X specializes in providing high quality, comfortable underwear for women and women. The company not only celebrates its annual business award, but also celebrates its need to enter a larger headquarters.

“Three years ago, we didn’t have employees, and we didn’t get paid,” Dunaway said. “We have 23 employees today and have expanded our space.”

This is a small commercial success that has made unimaginable people the focus of attention and has made women in more than 40 countries a star.

“No one will let women’s underwear focus on fit and quality. We really care about this and do it right.”

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