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The woman said that when she bought underwear, the man squatted on her.

A young woman’s Facebook post tells about her run-in with the creeper in the Cape Coral goal, which was shared thousands of times on the last day.

Rachel Conner posted to Facebook yesterday that a random man was taking pictures of her shopping in the underwear section. She wrote that she was worried that this might be a trafficker.

Connor said that this is the goal on Veterans Avenue and Santa Barbara Avenue.

This article was shared more than 3,000 times by her page in just one day.

We have confirmed that Connor has never reported this to the Cape Coral Police. Instead, other Facebook users are leaning toward the police.

sergeant. Coral Point Police Public Information Officer Alan Colak said they also got another tip about another woman posting a similar situation to Facebook about the same goal.

sergeant. Kolak now tells us that the detectives are investigating that the two cases are legal.

“We want to make sure that if we do find those who commit any type of crime, it is effective. If it does not work, we want to make sure that this is also because we don’t want people to take extra measures to avoid a business because of the fact that there is a false statement,” Sergeant. Colac said.

Connor repeatedly denied our interview request because she said the detective asked her not to. The Cape Coral Police could not confirm this.

We asked Target about the surveillance video and any information about the claim. All managers will say they know this post.

Target issued the following statement on Tuesday night:

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