Triathlon underwear runs for Dorchester to raise funds purple

The athletes have already begun preparing for the Iron Man Contest held in Cambridge on Saturday. For some people, this means stripping and prohibiting everything in order to support the community.

“For many years, I have been attending the Triathlon World Championships in Kona. A few years ago they started sprouting elsewhere. Some people asked if we were interested in putting them together, I just liked to hold it and then ran,” Iron Man Three coach Timdels said.

In their dress and running shoes, all 60 participants from across the country met and raised funds at Dorchester Goes Purple, a county-wide campaign against drug abuse.

“I did it last year, I like it, when I found out they were going to run underwear here, I was like we had to go. It was very interesting,” said __ from Long Island, New York.

Take photos before taking the starting line and chat with other runners. Then they left!

“We got a bunch of horns on the high street, it was very interesting. Then we marched in the village and all the suppliers were crazy. This is a good time,” Dels said.

Others in the community came out to support the event. Chamber of Commerce President Phil Christopher is there to represent Dorchester Goes Purple.

Christopher said: “It’s great to see all the athletes out. They really like to do something for the community they participate in.”

Raised nearly $300 and handed it directly to Dorchester Goes Purple.

Christopher added: “If we can prevent a person from taking too much, then all the time we spend on doing this is worth it. I hope it is more than one.”

The Ironman triathalon begins at 7:30 on Saturday morning. This is the fourth year that Iron Man has been in Cambridge for three years.

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