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Qi Wei hand in hand with your Vatican Cabo underwear brand cross-border designers

Qi Wei, although looks beautiful, but she is often called Qi brother, which shows the character of the free and easy.

Today, Qi Wei began a cross-border underwear design road. In the Hong Kong and Cheng International Group’s famous underwear brand –Finelycup’s chief experience officer and spokesperson for some time, Qi Wei will be the first use of their own unique aesthetic concept, personally operating underwear design, combined with their free and easy temperament, design a comfortable And fashion sexy, with no idea of ​​life underwear.

In 2016 Qi Wei joined hands with Hong Kong’s high-end underwear brand Vatican Cabo Finelycup, dedicated to creating a real life that belongs to women’s free life. Use the underwear to liberate the female body, with free and divergent female life.

Since his debut, Qi Wei to the image of all-round cross-border goddess stands in the entertainment industry: the singer as a national swept the country, with the identity of the actors to lay the strength to send big coffee. From long hair to short hair, you can feel independent of the female power, from short hair to long hair, to reproduce the female gentle water but tough as a mountain of female energy.

Qi Wei is changing, it is independent of the self. In this innovative underwear design, she will put freedom and creation into their own aesthetic ideas, to further show the full range of multi-habitat artists energy.

Finelycup steel lingerie was born in the era of mobile Internet, “advocate unfettered life aesthetics” as the core kinetic energy, to create a rich product line, is now formed covering underwear, home service, body sculpting and underwear wash essence as one Of the whole life chain of women.

Not only that, Finelycup is based on the “Internet +” interactive technology, the innovative breed of an international vision of the business model, a single commodity channel, upgrade to link the world’s 30,000 partner lifestyle community, and attract more Eager to join the independent women.

Qi Wei’s star effect with Finelycup super brand power, product strength, marketing force, the common collision of more unfettered underwear products, Finelycup will push a new peak, ushered in the real age of women.

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