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Different occasions wearing different underwear, you do it?

Now most of the crush are more particular about what kind of occasions should wear what kind of clothes, what kind of hair, including what kind of makeup, and even what kind of underwear will be carefully selected, in fact, should be the case, Women must live a fine, delicate woman the most beautiful, most crush can easily solve, but different occasions different body wearing different underwear, you do it?

Underwear must not choose too tight, because too tight will lead to blood circulation, and squeeze the meat under the armpit, so that hurt the body at the same time also affect the beautiful, wearing a light-colored clothes, underwear The color should be light-colored system is appropriate.

If the body is more full of crush, you can choose a relatively thin underwear, choose under the cup out part of the underwear, to avoid the stomach and ribs were fat off the mark Oh ~

Some formal occasions need to wear deep V dress crush can choose to shape a better underwear, to adjust the body type and gesture, for your sexy extra points, eye lift increased.

Different body of the crush choose a different underwear, different occasions have to choose a different underwear, so much stress, you have learned it?

One piece of indentation underwear women’s chest no steel ring together sexy small chest chest lottery
This underwear with a comfortable breathable fabric, to create a comfortable experience, no steel ring design with a strong gathering effect, the standard golden section line, restore the body of the beginning of the United States, V collar clothes the best choice.

Ultra-thin breathable insignificant underwear women no steel ring thin section gather bra girl sexy summer small bra
No formaldehyde, do not fade the underwear is a good underwear, this underwear is the case, the use of high-quality fabrics, comfortable and breathable, is a very good detail, the back of a layer of cloth, not back, can comfort your care skin.

Underwear must choose no steel ring, this underwear is the best choice, and gather effect is very good, so you instantly create a charming career line, comfortable fabrics, fresh breathable, give you daily wear to add a different comfort experience.

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