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There are old people and children at home, pajamas should be how to choose?

Some mothers like to dress at home some cool, loose long sweat when the miniskirt to wear, and the jacket or V-neck, in the bow to pick up things, make children feel uncomfortable. If there is an old man, it will definitely be said.

On the one hand and her husband want to keep fresh, on the one hand but also take into account the growth of the child’s child protection. So the mothers choose home service time to pay attention to a lot.

Many young parents often think that the child is still small, ignoring the impact of dress on the child. In fact, an ordinary white dress worn on her mother, so that children feel safe, warm, warm love, can pull closer to the mother and the child’s mind; but a too casual clothes not only bring the child negative, It is difficult to close the feeling, and even lead to the child’s curiosity.

1. Wear a child in front of a decent body
Take care of the child’s life, dress to be decent. Children like to learn to imitate. Mom and Dad’s external image is part of their concern. Therefore, my mother do not wear sexy or low-cut clothes and so on. Dad should also pay attention to, at home, try not to barely wrist or wearing panties around walking around.

2. Pay attention to the way before the child
Children at home, do the behavior of parents should not be too casual. Many mothers at home (especially in the hot summer), although wearing a long skirt, but it is likely not to pay attention to their sitting position, resulting in the original dress is not free, but because the mothers do not pay attention to maintaining the image of the children’s psychological development Had a bad effect.

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