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Joan Smalls’ Smart&Sexy Swimwear and Underwear Collection is an affordable AF

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Joan Smalls is a world-famous supermodel who has exhibited high-end designer clothing, including Victoria’s Secret swimwear and underwear. But she has now turned to the table to design her own table. Joan Smalls’ Smart&Sexy swimwear and underwear are beautiful, sexy and affordable.

It is no coincidence that Smalls chose the Smart&Sexy brand as her partner in this design. Smart&Sexy claims to be “a company that women serve women” in spirit and practice. For every product they sell, the brand “grows to an organization that empowers and supports women”.

From the world of typical runway size models, Smalls consciously decided to make her products more inclusive. Smalls interviewed Bustle and said: “I want something that my mother can wear, my sister can wear it, my friend can wear it. It’s just from the heart, and everyone is thinking and paying attention.” These products are suitable for Anyone who likes them and everyone, the price starts at $4 (yes, $4!) and the price is $28. I would say that almost everyone has something. As of now, there is no official plus size in the series, but many projects have risen to the XXL and 44C bras, so it is at least a good start. Take a look at the super affordable, smart, sexy pieces below!

Zip-Up front one-piece swimsuit turquoise

The single front zipper is a stuffy AF. It depends on how much you pull up (blinking, blinking).

White triangle string bikini top

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For me, the sexiest one (I overuse the word?) The swimsuit is a simple bikini. Put on this triangle top with white matching French-cut bikini bottoms ($10;, which will be your style throughout the summer.

Fishnet swimming covered in white

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Smalls even wants to add beach cover to her collection. What else do you need?

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