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Most people wear underwear, especially the first two ways!

In fact, many people do not know the right way to dry underwear, the correct method of drying can extend the life of underwear, so wear more comfortable.

1, forced twist
After washing do not twist, can only be wrapped with a dry towel squeezed by hand, so that towel dry water, the hand gently pulled underwear to the original.

2, sun exposure
Small inside can sun exposure antivirus, but underwear absolutely can not! The sun will make the braze yellow, fade, cloth weakened to dry in a cool and ventilated place.

3, bathroom
Absolutely, absolutely can not hang in the bathroom. Dark and humid environment is simply a paradise for bacteria, flushing the toilet more bacteria in the range of 6 meters. Once the underwear on the breeding of bacteria, it will cause acne, nipple itching and other diseases, over time will lead to more serious inflammation.

4, hanging shoulder strap
In the end how to dry underwear it? Small book dare this problem more than 90% of girls are wrong!

Underwear drying method

Wring dry time, do not be brutal. Hold the cup, light out of the water (haze weather underwear more difficult to dry, you can put a dry towel on the back of the hand, and then placed gently cup pressure).

Straighten the back of the slightly rolled up, light out of the water (which is for the side than the narrow range of the narrow range of this step can also be omitted).

To use hand washing method of washing, because the machine wash will make underwear steel deformation, destruction of material fiber. Or choose to protect the net bag to machine wash, choose the shock program, the damage to the clothing to a minimum. Finishing the cover, straighten the shoulder strap and the surrounding position.

When drying, you can clip the clip on the lower edge of the bra (do not clip the side of the high cartilage) on both sides, or hanging on the hanger can also be.

Wet bra to the cup and the middle of the cup to hang up, should not hang the shoulder strap, because the weight of the water will stretch the shoulder strap.

Place the shade to dry (can be slightly sunny). Bra fabrics are mainly cotton, sponge, nylon, etc., direct sun easy to make the bra dry yellow, shorten the use of time. Dry the cup before the water pressure, and then gently pull the cup noodles. When drying up the underwear upside down, to avoid exposure.

Remember how many points, do not against the sun, to buckle the back row, slightly flattened and then tied on both sides of the shelf symmetry. Shoulder straps are not foldable.

If you keep it for a long time, do not use a sealed bag to save the bra, because the clothing is likely to cause long-term closure moldy.

Underwear should not be placed with camphor insect repellent, so as not to make the fabric loss of elasticity. Wool bra brace should not be wet, should be used with desiccant.

We underwear manufacturer china have to wear underwear more than 12 hours a day, underwear drying and breast health are closely related. Underwear to keep clean and tidy without deformation, our chest will be healthy and no pain! What mistakes did you make? Hurry up to correct it

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