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Sustainable sex: New Paltz store offers “green” underwear indulgence

Modern women should wear a lot of hats and take on many different responsibilities, but how many different people can you really have at the same time? For example, is it possible to lead a politically correct, environmentally friendly “wake up” existence, and still be like a bowl of granola, not just 邋and and sexy rather than 邋and and blocky? Melissa Orsini thinks so. Stop at her brand new store at Salix Intimates, she will tell you how.

Sustainable underwear is the jam of Orsini. She is a young Brooklyn hipster who has spent most of her career in the retail industry, the last six years of managing a clothing store in fashionable Williamsburg. There, she established relationships with suppliers who have just begun to bring markets and casual wear to the market, reflecting the interest of contemporary consumers in reducing their carbon footprint.

“I always wanted to be a business owner,” Orsini said. Recently, she also found that she wanted to get rid of the pressure of the big city and turned her attention to the new Paltz: “My parents have been here for a long time.” She is ready to let her move this fall, and very fortunate Distorted, a small, airy shop on the upper level of the Water Street Market became available – just across the parking lot of the upcoming Denizen Theatre.

Orsini immediately grabbed the space and it was easy to understand why she thought it was perfect to show what she wanted: the sun was pouring in through the windows, and if you appeared at the end of the business hours, you can take a look when you appreciate the goods. The sun shines on the Gunks. Drawn in white and neutral tones, Salix Intimates is full of living plants and has the feel of a high-end tree house, adding a touch of fun to the shopping experience.

Sales of underwear and “lifestyle products” are very interesting. All the clothes look both chic and comfortable, not too much for the girls. Frederick’s Hollywood cheesy can’t be found here, with no extra decorations and fur, and no baby shower gel. Orsini’s color tastes tend to be unusually dark and rich in tones – elegant brown, maroon, grey, forest green, dark blue, occasional 30’s style prints – and wardrobe staples black, white and beige. She promised that Yuletide gemstone tones will be available soon.

But what’s really amazing is that all these seemingly luxurious shorts – not to mention socks, robes and pajamas – are made with something that is good for the planet. Kent Woman supplies fair trade organic silk garments; Mary Young uses comfortable blends of bamboo and cotton robes; only Hearts uses recycled lace to trim underwear; Swedish stockings are made entirely from repositioned stockings to make fishnet anklets, pantyhose and Tights. “They are the only sustainable sock companies in the world,” Orsini said. “When you take their products out, they bring them back. Finally, they are finally woven into mats to collect oil spills in the ocean.”

Exquisite pharmaceutical products, all made from organic and sustainable, often produced locally, are concentrated on a variety of fascinating small collections (mostly Orsini’s wooden dressers from the antique barn next door). Meow Meow from Gardiner has skin care products in plastic packaging; the taste of soy travel-sized candles from Brooklyn Candle Studios; ointments and balms, even soothing oils on temples and wrists, For Calm the F *** Down, from a group called Herbal Underground, this is a group in Brooklyn, but grows herbs on the CSA in the north. You can buy organic toothbrushes that don’t break down like plastic for centuries, compostable silk floss, reusable bamboo straws with a cleaning kit (ideal for New Paltz, amirite?).

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