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Anastasiya Kvitko, Instagram’s “Russian Kim Kardashian” stands out in the new video lace lingerie bodysuit


Instagram’s “Russian Kim Kardashian” reappears on her social media page. Anastasiya Kvitko knows how to flaunt her curves, and she did it in the latest Instagram story.

In her recent Instagram story, Anastasiya Kvitko wore a white lace bodysuit that barely covered her rich assets. The underwear ensemble revealed is open in the middle to show the cleavage and abdomen of “Russian Kim Kardashian”, she is absolutely close to the wardrobe failure and the revealing effect of this dress.

Kvitko didn’t give much information in this video clip because its purpose was to drive her Instagram fans to download her personal app to see more content. Like many other Instagram models, Anastasiya is working to bring traffic from their free social media pages to where they can enhance their brand and attract people to subscribe or buy opportunities to see more stunning photos and videos.

This lace bodysuit also shows Anastasiya’s hips and legs as it is cut high to reveal ample skin. When the video was playing, Kvitko shot with her long black hair and stroked her curvaceous figure with her hand. The Russian model did not notice which brand she chose for the revealed video, although she has a strong interest in brands such as Fashion Nova, PrettyLittleThing and Oh Polly.

Some fans have noticed that Kvitko seems to have darkened her hair recently, and it seems that the dark tones are obvious. In the past few years, when Anastasiya established her followers on Instagram, she has played with her hair color. Sometimes she is quite blond, but these latest videos show a darker shade than usual and seem to suit her.

As Inquisitr recently introduced in detail, Kvitko had a lot of fun celebrating her birthday last week. She spent some time in Las Vegas and Miami and seems to have broken out. Anastasiya is grateful to her Twitter followers for all her birthday love. During her travel and celebration, she also shared some sexy retreats, some of the photos she took while shooting the sexy red bikini pool.

Anastasiya Kvitko now has an impressive 9.1 million fans on Instagram and she knows how to speed up her fans. So far, “Russia Kim Kardashian” has not shared her photo of wearing this lace lingerie bodysuit, but her fans will see if she will be very fast

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