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Kieran Hayler covered a huge Katie Price underwear tattoo with a boat

Katie Price and Kieran Hayler are currently sorting out their divorce and ending their five-year marriage.

The father of the two children has taken a big step to get the 40-year-old child out of his life – by covering up the tattoo on his leg.

When he appeared on Just Tattoo Of Us, the 31-year-old decided to use his current front underwear and black and white design on his calves.

He left the decision to replace her image to his close friend – he finally chose a huge ship design.

When asked why, the friend joked that this was to show that “the ship has sailed.”

Ok, no matter if your boat is floating, hehe…

Katie and Kieran – they shared their daughter Bunny and son Jett – broke up earlier this year, and both continued on.

But this is not the only tattoo specifically for five mothers. This former stripper has been removed.

To commemorate their marriage, he bid farewell to his design on the wedding ring.

On Instagram, he shared a faded heart with his fans and said to the post: ‘Goodbye, look at your tattoo’.

The couple had already had a roller coaster since they broke up earlier this year, but they often contacted two children.

When young people allocate time between their houses, they often meet to “switch” and agree to remain “friendly.”

However, in a scene of Katie’s TV show “My Crazy Life,” the reality star said it has not yet been fully planned.

After meeting her predecessor, she told him: “By the way, you still look fat.” So the details are going well? “I am not fat!” Kieran replied, swearing that it was because of his sweater.

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