The US men’s underwear market is a multi-billion dollar industry that grows at a considerable rate.

In terms of value, the US men’s underwear market is expected to have a compound annual growth rate of 5.8% during the forecast period and is expected to reach a value of nearly $60 million by 2026. Among all the various products on the market, boxer shorts are expected to be the fastest growing segment of the 2016-2026 evaluation period. In addition, XXXL is expected to be the fastest growing in the decade due to rising levels of obesity. In the entire US underwear market, the mass merchant distribution channel sector accounts for nearly 70% of the market value, and the online store share is about 10%.

Increasing awareness of personal hygiene and increased disposable income contribute to income growth in the US men’s underwear market

Raising men’s awareness of health, health and personal hygiene is affecting their use of two fresh/clean underwear in one day. In addition, increasing disposable income, lifestyles anytime, anywhere, improving living standards and changing consumer preferences are driving revenue growth in the US men’s underwear market. In addition, modern retail formats such as supermarkets, discounted distribution stores and pharmacies are increasing product visibility. In addition, the provision of various products related to men’s underwear at preferential prices has also contributed to the online shopping trend of American underwear.

The US men’s underwear market is highly competitive due to the relatively large number of global and local lingerie apparel manufacturers. The market is characterized by high brand loyalty. It has been noted that consumers in the United States prefer known and well-known brands and are often reluctant to switch to new brands that appear on the market. In addition, customers lack difficulty in purchasing underwear from physical stores due to the lack of products of their choice. These may become limiting factors in the growth of the US men’s underwear market.

The growing demand for fashion and trendy underwear is a factor that is expected to increase the demand for boxing shorts in the US men’s underwear market during the forecast period.

As of the end of 2015, the Boxer Briefing estimated to account for more than 30% of the value contribution, and is expected to have a compound annual growth rate of 6.0% during the assessment period. The increased disposable income coupled with changes in consumer lifestyles is a factor that is expected to stimulate the demand for boxer underwear during the forecast period. As of the end of 2015, the boxer shorts department is expected to occupy about 15% of the market share, and the compound annual growth rate is expected to reach 7.3% within ten years. The increasing number of urban males in the United States is increasing consumer spending on fashion products, which may spur US demand for boxing shorts.

A brief snapshot of the number of boxer type underwear segments

In 2015, the short part of the boxer was worth more than $970 and is estimated to be worth more than $1,000 by the end of 2016.

By 2026, the boxer short film is expected to reach a value of more than $18 million, with a compound annual growth rate of 6.4% during the forecast period.

The boxer short film in the US men’s underwear market is expected to create an absolute $ chance of more than $500,000 in 2016.

In 2015, the market value of the boxer shorts division exceeded $4.45 million and is estimated to reach a value of approximately $47 billion by the end of 2016.

By 2026, the boxer shorts are expected to reach a value of more than $7.7 million, with a compound annual growth rate of 5.1% during the forecast period.

The entrepreneurial sector continues to fall, but the market is optimistic about underwear

The stock market fell again today. The same is true for oil prices. However, the market is optimistic about women’s underwear.

Victoria’s secret underwear maker L Brands rose 5.93% because the company’s September sales announced in September were better than the expected 8%. The results exceeded market expectations as Columbus, Ohio-based companies have been guiding sales and profit forecast declines. L Brands is the biggest gainer in the Entrepreneur Index today, although its share price has fallen 48% this year.

As the stock market continues to fluctuate, the entrepreneurial index is lingering for most of the day – mainly in the downward direction. After falling 4.41% yesterday, the index of 60 leading companies run by its founders or founding family members fell by 1.57% today.

Technology stocks continued to decline. The Nasdaq Composite Index fell 1.25% today. It is now technically in a modified area because it is down more than 10% from the peak at the end of August.

Technology stocks in the Entrepreneurial Index, which was hit hard yesterday, performed slightly better today. Netflix fell 8.4% yesterday and fell 1.47% today. Amazon is the most valuable company in the index, falling 2.04% after falling more than 5% yesterday. NVIDIA, the chip maker in the gaming industry, fell 4.3%, the third-largest drop in the index that day.

However, several technology companies are on the rise. Facebook rose 1.3%, while, which lost the most yesterday, rose 1.04%. Yesterday, the 8.5% of the biggest decline in the index, Twitter, rose 0.75% today.

Oil prices continued to fall today, falling another 3% after falling 3.15% yesterday. US crude oil inventories are higher than expected, and the International Monetary Fund and OPEC have recently lowered their forecasts for global economic growth and global oil demand. The energy company suffered a loss. Oil and gas producer Hess Corp. fell 3.22% today, and Kinder Morgan, which manages oil and gas pipelines, fell 2.52%.

The discount retailer Dollar Tree seems to have been punished for being one of only three stocks in the index, and it was positive yesterday. The company announced plans to hire 25,000 employees in its nationwide recruitment campaign next week, and its share price fell 5.6% today.

However, the biggest drop in the day was the Jefferies Group. The financial services industry has been falling due to increased market volatility. Investment banks and consulting firms fell 6.57% on the day.

Goodbye millennial pink, pink back, burning bright

As the Daily Mail has usefully pointed out this week, “Kim Kardashian repeatedly wears pink from head to toe.” Since the beginning of August, Kardashian’s color has been “SIX times”, whether it is in Yeezy mini, $2,850. Balenciaga leggings, or Chanel single.

The tycoon doesn’t like pink very much, preferring to be a walking Barbie. The millennium pink separates the typical feminine tones from its gender influence, and the color of Kardashian pulls these attachments into a big, girlish hug.


Perhaps at the moment when the girl’s power is united with her sister, this week Khloe Kardashian wears her own color, matching it with a boxy suit jacket in an Instagram post.

They are not alone. In Rihanna’s Fall Fashion Week fashion show, she wore a model with a hot pink bra set. When model Mariana Zaragoza walks in London’s Matty Bovan, colorist Josh Wood dyes her fluffy color into a color. He called “Vogue” a “strong coral.” (This is pink, but ok.)

The millennium pink conveys the serene tones of Wes Anderson’s The Grand Budapest Hotel, exuding fresh, fresh and calm images. Although it shares a space with the pink color wheel, this change is great and unobtrusive. When my editor contemplates Slack, “I want to know that after the millennium pink, everyone is thinking: geez, this is boring. Let’s get a little hotter.”

FIT’s current exhibition museum curator Valerie Steele, pink: punk, beautiful, strong color history, talks to The Daily Beast about the complex reputation of pink. “Pink is not born to be feminine,” she said. “But for about 150 years, from the mid-19th century to the end of the 20th century, pink was mainly related to women.”

Then, Steele chats about the different descriptors of pink, and how each adjective is divided into two categories. There are innocent, saccharin connotations: baby, Barbie, bubble gum. Pink can also be from zero to sexy: hot, bordello, shocking.

“When you talk about tight-fitting, shiny pink clothes,” as seen on the global runway and jet Kardashian, Steele said, “You mean the genitals, tongue and mouth. Pink Part. “Before this year, perhaps no one is wearing a pair of pants that look like a labia in a music videotape to Janelle Monae to her single “PYNK”.

Pink is not always so aggressive, and like many women, this color has passed several lives and iterations. According to Steele, “Pink is not an important color for most of Western history. Many books about color don’t mention it.”

In the 18th century, a pale squid – OG Millennium pink – became popular among French aristocratic circles. “This is not gender-based,” Steele pointed out. “Fashion men and women, boys and girls wear it because it is considered fashion and fashion.”

It helped just discover a long-lasting Brazilian dye and started to be used in garment production. As the exhibition pointed out, it is reported that Louis XV’s mistress, Madame de Pompadour, favors this color, which adds to its appeal as a high-rise symbol.

In 1869, Louisa May Alcott published Little Women, the youngest sister Amy said, wearing a blue boy and pink The girl is “French fashion.” American families are never as chic as their French counterparts. They continue to wear babies in white and are always a symbol of purity.

Initially, the pink and blue debate was not an ethical stand, but a more marketing plan. “American manufacturers realize that by setting different colors for each gender, they can sell more,” Steele pointed out. “But they can’t fully understand which color is related to it.”

Panties thief caught in the police in Shanghai, confessed to stealing underwear ‘excited

Has your underwear mysteriously disappeared recently? We may know why now.

According to, last Monday, police in the suburbs of Shanghai’s Qingpu District announced that they had detained a series of panty thieves who had admitted four cases of underwear theft in the area. In early September, a woman reported that her clothes hanging outside the home had dried and disappeared, and the police had launched an investigation.

By examining nearby surveillance cameras, the police were able to find a shot showing a man grabbing underwear from the clothesline in broad daylight. In the end, they can understand the identity of the man and track him.

After being arrested, the 37-year-old man named Lee admitted three other panties and explained that he made them “excited.”

It is not clear what Li did to the underwear after stealing the underwear. Last year in Jiujiang, Jiangxi, the police seized a particularly prolific panty thief who collected more than 10,000 stolen women’s clothing in a small dormitory. He admits that every night he will put away a bunch of stolen underwear and hold it while he is asleep.

As early as 2014, when his ceiling gave way to all the stolen uncontrollable weights he stored, another guy’s underwear theft frenzy was exposed.

Underwear addicts buy bras, underwear and shorts worth nearly £3,000 a year.

However, blogger Ellie Hatfull has over 150 pairs of bras and shorts to choose from, and she always tries to match them correctly.

Self-proclaimed underwear addicts from Sydney, Australia spent £2,600 on underwear this year. The 27-year-old girl noticed that she was building an impressive array of fancy costumes and decided to show it on her Instagram page, lace and haze.

And her 41,000 followers like to see the new small slings, slings and panties that Ellie often tries.

But Ellie admits that sometimes her underwear puts her in trouble – especially at work.

“The management came and commented on how inappropriate my equipment was. She wrote on the blog, “Underwear doesn’t mean showing” and “I can see your bra”.

Her interest in underwear began with her girl and was fascinated by the fashion world. In addition to becoming more active because of addiction, she said she also likes its taboo aspect.

“Because of these limitations, I started to guide my personal style through my underwear,” she told the Daily Mail.

“No one will see it, but wearing what I think is true to myself will make me feel good.”

“One day you didn’t wake up, you just decided to be positive about your body. It’s a slow process and you can’t learn all the courses and expectations you’ve been told before.

‘Your body is constantly changing, so your mind must also grow and expand.

“On a personal level, when I started wearing underwear, I became healthy. It made me feel good, like a self-care.

“I know that when I wear beautiful underwear, I am a better version of myself; if you feel good inside, it will bring you other aspects of your life.

Ellie told her fans that she resigned her daily work, so she could focus on maintaining her Instagram page and what she was passionate about.

An underwear addict who spends £2,600 a year on lace clothing reveals the unusual passion of her troubles at work.

A self-proclaimed underwear addict spent more than £2,600 on a beautiful lace bra and shorts, suggesting that her unusual passion sometimes caused her to get into trouble at work.

Ellie Hatfull, 27, said she was fascinated by underwear from an early age and now has about 150 collections.


Her “addict” began because her work had strict dress code, which meant she couldn’t express herself through everyday basic fashion.

Instead, she began wearing incredible underwear under her regular overalls.

In an interview with Mail Online, she said: “No one will see it, but wearing what I think is true to myself will make me feel good.

“When I buy underwear, including casual wear and accessories, I incorporate them into my jacket to get the most value from every item.”

But Ellie, who lives in Sydney, Australia, admits that her unusual passion sometimes makes her trouble at work.

Wrote on her blog, she said: “Management comes from and comments on how inappropriate my equipment is.

“Some of the content is inconsistent with ‘underwear’ is ”I can see your bra’ is not the company’s atheism’.

“Okay, I will remember tomorrow…”

Ellie shares her passion for Instagram and her blog on behalf of Lace and Haze, and now she has more than 41,000 fans.

Underwear trend Sarah Jessica Parker never stops wearing

When you think of Sarah Jessica Parker, it’s hard not to think of Carrie Bradshaw instinctively. Although her “Sex and the City” role is a role – there is an undeniable similarity between stars and TV characters… at least for us as a bystander. In the SJP roundtable discussion with the trip to Verona, Italy, through the lingerie brand Intimissimi, I had a unique glimpse of how Parker really felt her intimate relationship with the role she played many years ago.

“There is a vague boundary between the characters I play, obviously Carrie Bradshaw and myself. We are very different. I always say that we look alike, but basically everything else is different,” Parker explained. . Everything, that is, in addition to a very iconic lingerie trend, just re-lays: wearing underwear as a coat.

As the face of the new Intimissimi event, Sarah Jessica Parker recently tried and adopted some fresh underwear styles, but wearing underwear as a coat is clearly a trend she has been paying attention for for many years, either herself or as Carrie Bradshaw in front of the camera.

“I don’t necessarily wear Carrie Bradshaw, but it’s very interesting to be bold at this event,” she said. “Especially on those streets, because I took the kids to those streets, I usually I won’t be wearing a pajamas when I take my children to school, so it’s fun.”

When asked about her views on the unstoppable trends in Italy and the United States, Parker replied: “I am very happy [this trend is back] because I have never stopped it. If there is one thing we are with me and The roles of Carrie and Pat Field overlap. He is our outstanding fashion designer. It is a very creative mind. She is also – we just do it. She is very happy that this is what I want to do. I am very excited. It’s what she wants to do. So I got it back. I’m never happy to leave, so I feel very happy. But everyone has their own version, everyone is different from everyone’s body. Everyone is different, so people should do what they want to do.”

In the future, continue to read more quotes from the style icons and purchase some Intimissimi products that SJP wore during the event.

“The simplest statement is [about how underwear relates to women’s empowerment] is the choice: how do you choose to go out and what you want to say to yourself. In the best of the world, it should be your choice, “She Say. “I think this activity is confident to tell others who you are and encourage others and remember that you don’t judge people. You can call it empowerment in that message, or you can call it a weapon of trust in some way, so I think this is a promising connection. This is what I took from it.”

Can you sleep in underwear? This is what the doctor has to say.

Marilyn Monroe once said that the only thing she wore was a few drops of Chanel No. 5 bed. Many mothers are thinking now, should they do this? In other words, there is a new report that raises the question: Should you wear underwear before going to bed at night? This depends on the situation.

According to The Today Show, experts have discovered the truth about whether you should wear underwear to sleep. If women have learned something over the years, it is even less, especially when it comes to activities there. To be straightforward, there is no reason to buy expensive probiotics, supplements and perfumes from our private areas.

But what about underwear? The good news is that there is really no scientific evidence that you should take off your underwear before going to bed so that you can rest in good night. Now, there is nothing to support wearing underwear that usually enhances your health.

“Your vagina and vulva have no lungs. In fact, it is an anaerobic environment,” said Dr. Jen Gunter, an obstetrician and obstetrician. “You don’t need to blow anything.”

Still, if you decide to wear latex or pleated underwear, you may cause some excessive sweating at night. However, whether or not you wear underwear, it comes down to personal preference. If you want to wear it, then do it. If you don’t, skip it. There are really no errors or correct answers.

In addition, the less maintenance, the better the feeling and appearance of the vagina. Dr. Gunther pointed out, “Your vagina is great. The entire area is designed to deal with dirt. Every time you clean it, over-pick it, you are actually destroying the system that handles it.”

For those who are confused but afraid to ask, yes, you can skip your laundry day and wear the same underwear for two consecutive days. Health experts agree that in terms of health, wearing the same underwear for more than 24 hours is no problem. As long as your underwear is kept clean (no urine, feces or traces of effluent), then you don’t have to worry about this.