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New York Police Department underwear sheriff “laughs” her attack on colleagues – source

A source said that a New York Police Department sergeant was accused of trying to stuff her dirty underwear into a male detective and ridiculed the “Daily News” exclusive about her so-called misconduct when she was on work on Sunday. Report.

When she signed with the 72nd branch of the detective team, the sergeant. The source said that Ann Marie Guerra even joked that she should “sign up with her underwear.”

According to the source, “Everyone laughs.”

Police Chief James O’Neill condemned her alleged behavior and her rash remarks took place.

“We expect everyone in the New York Police Department to take professional action,” O’Neill said at the Citizen Crime Committee breakfast meeting in downtown. He said the case is being investigated by the department’s Equal Employment Opportunity Office.

Detective Victor Falcon filed an equal opportunity with Guerra, claiming that he complained to the sergeant. Guerra talks about her frequent leaving her underwear – including a lace thong – lying in the unisex locker room at the 72nd Precinct Detective Squad office, the 38-year-old policeman screamed.

According to the complaint, she ran over and wiped her face with dirty underwear, apparently trying to stuff them into her mouth.

“They are very clean!” she screamed.

The lawsuit alleges that the fabric entered the open mouth of the detective

But some sources said that Guerra did not put her underwear in Falcon’s mouth, but might have placed it on the nose so he could smell them.

A photo of the “Daily News” shows that the two may not always be divided.

This photo was taken at a Halloween party, indicating that the Falcon was posing with Guerra while wearing a wig and holding something that seemed to be a dildo until his crotch. (Click here to view uncensored photos)

A source said that the Falcons participated in the party as a “small D —“, they opposed Guerra, who repeatedly commented on his masculinity.

Guerra is the second-in-command of the squad leader’s office, responsible for approving overtime and changing the number of detectives.

In addition to the alleged panties, Falcon claimed that Guerra repeatedly denied his shift request, so he could conduct a court guardian hearing on his autistic son, who said the document had been seen. According to sources, Falcon also claimed that Gera delayed approval of his overtime request.

So far, Guerra has not been affected by any departmental allegations and is still full time.

Falcon’s lawyer, Paul Liggieri, wondered why neither Guerra nor Falcon had been removed from Area 72 at the time of the EEO complaint.

“(Guerra) should be immediately disciplined, but it still creates a bad working environment because she works with him every day and they are still in the same area,” Liggieri said. He represented some city employees in the workplace. Harassment case. “The New York City really should have a new policy that allows these officials to file protective complaints without retaliation.”

Some colleagues describe Gera as a “stubborn person” who often laughs at the masculinity of a male colleague.

However, others working with her were shocked by the accusations of the mothers of the two children on Staten Island.

“She is very salty – like a sailor who took her first vacation in six months, but most people do the same,” said a New York Police Department official who had worked with Guerra. “This is the police station. This is not IBM.”

“I have worked with her, but I have never felt castrated,” the officer added. “But she is very noisy and self-righteous, so I can see some unsafe guys offending what she said.”

The second source said that Guerra often talks without thinking, “say anything that comes to mind.”

Did not return to try repeatedly to reach Guerra. On Saturday, the Falcon refused to speak to the Daily News.

Falcon’s Instagram page portrays a person of faith who often publishes religious and exhilarating memes such as “smart response, even non-intelligent treatment”, “anyone can find someone’s dirt. Become a gold find people.”

In April, he posted a photo of himself holding a book called “Jesus Likes Pornstars.”

“I am very sure that this book is a straightforward green light, so I will pass,” the Falcon wrote. “I want to stay in the good side of the Lord.”

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