Autumn wear sweater, with the kind of underwear will not be embarrassed?

Fall to the next, and went to a variety of sweaters when playing friends, do not know that we found no, this year seems to be particularly popular with a variety of knitted sweater with a hole design, then how to wear these sweater Nice? Here, we will certainly have a little ignorant, of course, is the normal wear ah, otherwise?

In fact, this kind of sweater which should be with what kind of underwear, wear it will be more impressive? After all, we must know that sweaters are generally thin, slightly careless look will look slightly back, choose the underwear look Will be more thin Oh.

The first point, not deep v does not gather
For many of the smaller women in the chest, when choosing underwear, are more likely to be able to play a role in the bra, because it can make their chest looks slightly larger, but when wearing a sweater Do not do so, otherwise it would look very strange, ordinary thin section underwear just fine.

For the larger women in the chest, even more so, their own sweater is easy to highlight the curve, if you choose to bring the role of the bra, really make you look to give a majestic feeling.

The second point, but too thin through
Many women because of comfort, health and other reasons, often choose a relatively thin underwear without paddess style, and even more women will choose, only a layer of cloth lace lace. Although it can play a role in the liberation of the chest, so that their more comfortable. But it is easy to bump, so the baby in the choice of time to be careful Oh

Third, try to reduce the pattern
Early autumn sweater, relatively thin, if you choose to have too complicated pattern bra, it is easy to print out through the sweater, so try to choose a smooth bra, if you want beautiful, choose with a lace or Embroidered design of the bra, it should be based on simple style.

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