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Wear ordinary underwear and sports underwear, what is the difference?

One of the important fashion of modern people is fitness, fitness, wear large fat sportswear has long been outdated. More can not wear ordinary underwear to do exercise. Can fix the chest, shock effect of good sports underwear is comfortable and convenient clothing. But sports wear can wear it? And ordinary underwear and what is the difference?

1, different functions
Sports underwear settings can make your chest more comfortable in the movement, watching like a small vest, when the movement is not tired. Ordinary underwear has the effect of support and shaping.

Large cup bra, an adjustable thin section underwear. Full cup wide bottom Wai, steel ring for the larger chest type. Let the D Cup above can also look fine look good. No sponge ultra-thin design, wrapped chest comfortable and breathable, fresh color seductive.

Full cup no sponge thin section gather bra, suitable for big chest MM, put on the small chest to make your wear is more refined. Adjust the role is obvious, with the correct transfer method, can shift the fat adjustment. Wearing more comfortable, the curve is more perfect.

2, different fabrics
High-quality sports bra quick-drying function is good, breathable, more wet and sweat to keep the body dry and clean, keep the chest skin healthy. Ordinary underwear production process is more complex. Material is more light to the main color.

Adjust the full cup bra, for large chest MM, big chest was small. Fresh color and thin fabrics, coupled with fine lace, suitable for a girl heart you. No sponge slim design, gentle wrapped chest comfortable and breathable.

KKay no steel ring adjustment bra, the bottom of the lace lace decorated sweet and subtle, instead of steel ring gently fixed, give you every inch of the skin are stacked on the gentle protection, which is suitable for small chest MM. Adjust the role of better, so you curve more beautiful.

3, sportswear can usually wear it?
Usually do not wear sports underwear, but when the movement is better to wear. If the age is 15-25 years old, long wear sports underwear rather than ordinary underwear, it may cause chest deformation.

Sports underwear, not only simple and elegant style, but also to show the spirit of the wearer, full of vitality look. Need to often change the regular wash, so as not to sweat soak for a long time to damage the quality, do not exercise as much as possible to wash it.

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