Why some underwear so expensive?

Every woman will wear bra, which is a very common thing. But do not know if we have not found, in addition to the general small street chain stores, slightly comfortable underwear, as long as a brand can be sold to the price is not cheap, then the bra only use a lost cloth, see It is not how tall clothes on how can and sell a skirt to the same price?

First of all, for a lingerie, its material can cause no small difference. A little better underwear material can put a little more expensive fabric prices. Especially a little material can be in the bleaching, hook silk, residue, wear on the show a lot of advantages.

And do not underestimate a lingerie, to do a piece of underwear to pay more than a T-shirt fee to pay more. After all, a piece of underwear looks only a few pieces of cloth, in fact, lace, mesh, mold cup, steel ring, shoulder strap, shoulder strap buckle, insert, buckle, decoration, etc., these things almost every underwear Have. The more things, the space is still so small, the production process is also a lot of complex.

The way to universal access to the knowledge of the underwear cleaning, and ordinary clothes clean up almost, but the best use of underwear soap to clean, so you can have the best underwear cloth protection, after all, underwear wear, cleaning or pay attention to a little , And underwear back buckle relatively rough there, in fact, is used to scrub the underwear is a good helper.

Although underwear manufacturer the underwear is a bit expensive, but expensive and expensive, so the baby can be under the ruthless handbags, after all, wear comfortable is the last word ah!

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