Underwear trend Sarah Jessica Parker never stops wearing

When you think of Sarah Jessica Parker, it’s hard not to think of Carrie Bradshaw instinctively. Although her “Sex and the City” role is a role – there is an undeniable similarity between stars and TV characters… at least for us as a bystander. In the SJP roundtable discussion with the trip to Verona, Italy, through the lingerie brand Intimissimi, I had a unique glimpse of how Parker really felt her intimate relationship with the role she played many years ago.

“There is a vague boundary between the characters I play, obviously Carrie Bradshaw and myself. We are very different. I always say that we look alike, but basically everything else is different,” Parker explained. . Everything, that is, in addition to a very iconic lingerie trend, just re-lays: wearing underwear as a coat.

As the face of the new Intimissimi event, Sarah Jessica Parker recently tried and adopted some fresh underwear styles, but wearing underwear as a coat is clearly a trend she has been paying attention for for many years, either herself or as Carrie Bradshaw in front of the camera.

“I don’t necessarily wear Carrie Bradshaw, but it’s very interesting to be bold at this event,” she said. “Especially on those streets, because I took the kids to those streets, I usually I won’t be wearing a pajamas when I take my children to school, so it’s fun.”

When asked about her views on the unstoppable trends in Italy and the United States, Parker replied: “I am very happy [this trend is back] because I have never stopped it. If there is one thing we are with me and The roles of Carrie and Pat Field overlap. He is our outstanding fashion designer. It is a very creative mind. She is also – we just do it. She is very happy that this is what I want to do. I am very excited. It’s what she wants to do. So I got it back. I’m never happy to leave, so I feel very happy. But everyone has their own version, everyone is different from everyone’s body. Everyone is different, so people should do what they want to do.”

In the future, continue to read more quotes from the style icons and purchase some Intimissimi products that SJP wore during the event.

“The simplest statement is [about how underwear relates to women’s empowerment] is the choice: how do you choose to go out and what you want to say to yourself. In the best of the world, it should be your choice, “She Say. “I think this activity is confident to tell others who you are and encourage others and remember that you don’t judge people. You can call it empowerment in that message, or you can call it a weapon of trust in some way, so I think this is a promising connection. This is what I took from it.”

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