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An exciting story: Liepāja is the underwear capital of Latvia

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“The most eye-catching lingerie brands from Latvia will showcase their latest collections during the event fashion show. Latvian lingerie manufacturers have positioned themselves as one of the market leaders in export, and France is the only country in Europe with European products. Latvia has more manufacturers in the industry than Latvia. “The information provided by LIAA states that there are more than 1,600 textile companies in Latinvia employing 13,000 employees.

If you don’t take any other measures today, let it be an amazing fact: Latvia is second only to France in terms of underwear!

More than 50 lingerie manufacturing companies operate in Liepaja, accounting for 60% of total turnover
Latvian industry is produced there.

“Underwear manufacturers are currently the most powerful representatives of the Latvian textile industry.
Not only successful in the domestic market, but also in foreign exports. Our producer is
Able to provide a full range of international services – from furniture and fabric manufacturing to
Designing and manufacturing underwear series is undoubtedly one of the biggest advantages
Latvian industry, “The long-time director of LIAA, Andris Ozos, said.

Latvia’s top ten lingerie brands will showcase their products: “Gracija-RIM”, “La Coquette”, “Nikol Djumon”, “Orhideja”, “Regina N”, “Rosme”, “Stefi L”, “VIPA”, “VOVA”, “Ze: Bra.”

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