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Bra two-breasted, three-row buckle, four-row buckle difference in where?

Bra should be the majority of women’s necessities, and the market is also dazzling array of underwear, so choose a suitable for their bra will be very important, and better care of women’s chest health, we choose underwear Time will generally find underwear with two rows of buckle, three-row buckle, four-row buckle, and some reach five rows of different styles of bra bra, face a variety of bra style, you can know a few buckle bra in the end what Does it work?

First to say that the two-breasted underwear, two-breasted underwear are relatively light type of underwear, in the summer when the general will choose thin section of the underwear, or go out to climb what, most of the two rows Buckle, so you can make your body is not so hot so that the chest hot sweating, so the chest is relatively small or flat chest sister choose two rows of underwear is enough, and easy to wear off.

I believe we all know that the three-breasted bra is more common belong to the regular bra, but also people most likely to wear the type of effective modification of the package, in the daily life is the most common three-breasted bra.

Four-breasted bra generally belong to the adjustment level, and can keep the body curve when wearing, often wear underwear tweezers will find their own flesh will become more back, because the fat to the back of the development, so the choice of four rows Buckle underwear can effectively wrap their own back curve, so that the back of the lines more symmetrical, to achieve the effect of shaping the body, if the more fat sister wearing two rows of bra, then the back of the meat may grow uncoordinated Oh, so there will be fat generation.

The role of breasts are mostly increased by the stability of the bra, so that it is not easy to deformation, not easy to run away, and the chest in the C cup above the sister can choose some more breasted bra, so that can effectively prevent the chest sagging, Generally speaking, A cup of sister generally wear two rows of underwear, B cup sister most of the three-breasted underwear, C cup of the same sister can also wear three buckle underwear, fat sister can choose four Breasts, like D, E cup of the sister can choose a four-row underwear, F, G cup sister can choose five buckle underwear. Of course, this is not the decisive choice, we can choose according to their own breast different styles of underwear.

Do not know we often wear a few buckle bra? Choose not only to pay attention to it is a few buckle buckle, but also to observe its fabric and breathability, the version is not suitable for their own, after all, is the best for their own.

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