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The right way to wear underwear, the original so many years are wrong

Now the bra for all of our girls as a nightmare, especially in this hot summer, often make you feel trapped or itchy, wear is not, off is not. But if you use the right way to wear bra, then you will feel comfortable, and then how should the right to wear bra?

first step
Put the shoulder strap in the upright case, arms through the underwear shoulder strap, so that the shoulder strap on the shoulder.

The second step
Put the breast into the cup body to lean forward 30 ° -45 °, push the hand up to make the chest completely into the cup, and then buckle the underwear buttons.

third step
Shou Dai fat, lift the body straight, the underwear steel ring hold up, into the cup will be around the armpit and the upper part of the chest and fat together into the cup, and then flattened on both sides of the underwear.

the fourth step
Adjust the length of the shoulder strap and adjust the position of the underwear, the elasticity of the shoulder strap can be stretched into one finger of the most appropriate degree of tightness.
At last

You can move a little bit, move the shoulder lift his hand to see if there is no shift underwear or feel uncomfortable where to constantly adjust until you feel the most comfortable so far.



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