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Nick ‘Candied’ Cummins and Katrich trading satire on underwear

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He is the man of the moment – so when the Australian Bachelor’s 2018 star Nick’s dear 獾 ‘Cummins out of the game and started doing some chat this week, because the hit show started, it is not surprising.

One of the first people to congratulate Nick on his role was the former homepage and away star Katrick, who posted a photo on Instagram on Thursday.

“Last night and @katetimmarty studio just broadcast on TV!” The actress and the radio host wrote three love emojis.

Kate is playing her favorite radio show Kate, Tim and Marty on Nova 969.

Nick appeared in the “quick draw” section of the show, and he exchanged irony with Kate about underwear.

“Have you done underwear or something?” Kate asked Nick – referring to the underwear advertisement he was involved in.

“Yes, do you need some support or are you doing well?” Nick replied.

“No, no, I am fine. The jockey is very good,” Kate replied, referring to the underwear brand she requested. “You should enter them. ”

Kate shared a witty snippet on her Instagram page, and one day later she paid tribute to her lovely daughter on her birthday.

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“When you’re ready to release a photo that looks like Groper to celebrate the most sacred people you know, you know that the world of love and priorities has changed,” Kate wrote a photo next to him.

“My little monk is 4 years old today. If I tell the truth, she taught me far more time than I have her precious time.

‘I love you and love your every inch of Bubba and yours is the only unconditional love I know. Free and relaxed, I am happy to drown. Four years old will be my dear girl. I promise you xx mom.

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