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Fashion zone underwear importers face money laundering

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Los Angeles Fashion District lingerie importers are expected to be sentenced on Wednesday for allegedly laundering money belonging to a federal drug trafficking syndicate in Mexico.

The owner of Yilin Underwear and Gayima Underwear, 59-year-old Xilin Chen, pleaded guilty to three felony convictions in June 2015, demanding that he renounce hundreds of thousands of dollars in assets under a plea agreement and could result in his loss of US citizenship. According to the US Attorney’s Office.

In the agreement, Temple City’s man admitted that he had received a lot of cash in his business, and he had reason to believe that it was from illegal drug activities, but avoided understanding the truth of the money. The importer acknowledged that he had received a large amount of cash as clothing for three times from an undercover agent who pretended to be a person associated with a drug trafficker.

Chen pleaded guilty in the Federal Court of Los Angeles and deliberately passed false documents submitted to the US Customs and Border Protection to seek money laundering and illegal citizenship. The prosecutor recommended “time to serve” followed by three years of supervised release, including up to 12 months of family imprisonment.

Chen’s 28-year-old son, Zhuang Feng’s “Tom Chen” also pleaded guilty to the crime of passing false documents. The condition of his case is still unclear.

As part of the case, Chen agreed to abandon the proceeds from the sale of their underwear company’s buildings; two houses in Temple City; federal agents seized more than $435,000.

Under the guilty plea agreement, the prosecutor asked US District Court judge Percy Anderson to dismiss Chen’s daughter Chen Aixia’s allegations.

The investigation of Chen’s company is part of a larger survey of the black market peso exchange program in downtown Los Angeles.

Fashion area. In September 2014, more than 1,000 agents flocked to the area to conduct searches and seizure orders. Authorities say the attack, known as the “Fashion Police Act”, has received more than $90 million in cash in bankers’ boxes, shoe boxes and duffel bags.

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