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How Arvin Goods becomes the cleanest socks and underwear in the world


Doing the right thing doesn’t mean you have to spend twice as much time,” said Dustin Winegardner, co-founder of Arvin Goods. He said that surprisingly sustainable or environmentally friendly clothing must dwarf traditional prices. Since launching his elegant socks and underwear collection in 2017 – all made from recycled clothing and materials – he has been continually refuting this idea.

By that time, Winegardner had been involved in product development and manufacturing for nearly a decade on behalf of other brands. His company, ITC Accessories, procured materials for companies such as Tommy Hilfiger and Calvin Klein, and he witnessed the possibilities of So. He worked with Harry Fricker – a free creative director who worked at Bocci and Finisterre – and founded Arvin products. “On the social media platform, all of these underlying brands are exploding, but not ““I create sustainable ways in any form,” he said. “So I just saw the opportunity to create my own brand around this material. We already have a supply chain.”

Recycled cotton that Winegardner can use – Polyester yarn is an ideal starting point. Recycled yarns save fresh water, reduce landfill waste, reduce CO2 emissions, and eliminate the need to purchase raw materials from energy-dependent farms and factories. Kilograms of cotton fabrics require 10,000 to 20,000 liters of water to produce, and recycled cotton requires almost nothing. In the United States alone, more than 16 million tons of textile waste is produced each year, of which only a small portion is recycled. Winegardner said that we didn’t even open the tap to recycle the waste. Because the basics are changed more frequently than other garments, they are an important place for people to bring sustainable clothing into the closet. After years of wear and tear, Arvin Goods encourages customers to donate clothing to the brand. This closed garment circle keeps the product away from landfills.

Sustainability – Multiple colours – Elastic ribbed cuffs, looped padded insole and elastic arch support. This boxer briefs, Arvin calls it a “ridiculous supervisor” that is supportive, breathable and lightweight. They are reasonably priced: the price of each pair of socks ranges from $8 to $15, and the price of boxer briefs is $16.

Because Arvin’s initial reaction was so strong, Winegardner is working on developing more products, including a comfortable, performance-oriented pair of men’s underwear made from recycled nylon – using marine waste and fishing nets – and a range of unisex The tops “I think that as people begin to understand that their [regular] T-shirts use a lot of water to produce, their eyes will open to it,” Winegardner said. Like socks and underwear, the new shirt will have an elegant design – and a competitive mid-range price.

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