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Orange County Report: Underwear man said he was robbed of the phone, cash and clothes


According to an accident report, the sheriff’s office tried to find someone who robbed a 40-year-old man under the gun and left him in underwear on Thursday night.

Delegates responded to Brentwood Avenue at 10:48 pm. The theme of “naked, knocking on the door of citizens”.

They found the man trembled in the underwear under the garage.

The man told the representative that he accepted the green tank bottom Ford adventure car driver’s ride. He told him to use his nickname to know the driver.

The man said the car appeared to be malfunctioning at the intersection of Brentwood Drive and Country Colony Drive. Then three people arrived at the black or green Honda.

“The driver pulled him a gun. In addition, the other three subjects arrived with a gun and let him take off his clothes,” the report said.

The gunman holds a man’s school bag with his Samsung Galaxy S7 phone, plus $600 in cash and clothes he wears.

In this test, the man was not injured.

He described the driver as a dark-haired man with a low-profile, big beard and a Mossy Oak camouflage uniform.

If someone has information about the gunmen involved in this incident, they will be asked to call 1-888-CRIME-SC’s Crimestoppers.

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