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Kevin Hart wants to change your view of underwear


From the red carpet in Hollywood to the funny memoirs, Kevin Hart has done it all. But now, comedians are coming for your underwear drawer.

In 2016, Hart added underwear investors to his huge resume. Although celebrities from all over the world have become “typical” and “cooperative” with different brands, Hart puts money on his lips. He invested in Tommy John – his underwear brand – and released his second capsule series with the company last month.

“The first capsule series I worked with them performed very well and sold out fairly quickly,” Hart told “This is also selling very quickly.”

This time, Hart wants to show you a different side: his soft side. A quick glance at his second lingerie collection shows that Hart is not keen to play it safely. Tommy John boxer briefs and pants are decorated with light accents, such as grey camouflage prints and metal rose gold belts – there are not many elements that people might think of when choosing new underwear. But Hart explained that men should not be prevented from having more fun with their boxers and panties.

“When you put on your clothes, you have to start with underwear,” he said. “Whenever you wear them, whether you like to try colors or not, they should reflect you and the rest of your wardrobe.”

Since investing and working with Tommy John, Hart has not only gained a lot of knowledge about underwear, but he also learned a lot about working with the right partners. “I like the progress we have together,” he said. “Everything is just growing and I am very proud of the development of this company.”

As far as underwear is concerned, Hart offers some of his own advice, what to look for when choosing the right pair.

“I think fabric is the key,” he said. “No one wants to throw it into the washing machine and it will stretch and wear. You want something that is durable. For me, I need something comfortable because I am always on the road and active.”

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