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What Style of Nail Art Should Be Used in Summer?

Have you ever wondered why we paint our nails? In this day and age, it is a symbol of self-care and also a way to express ourselves. Who hasn’t flaunted their fresh luxurious manicured that you just indulged in or any DIY one if you were feeling a bit artsy?

Did you know, that the origin and the initial inspiration people got to paint their fingertips weren’t as glamorous as they’re now. It used to be a representation of one’s place in society. They also sometimes told the world that you were actually preparing for war.

It is believed that we have been tinting our nails as far back as 5000 B.C.E. People back then would be decorating their fingertips with henna. Later, Babylonian warriors would have had their nails lacquered before going to battle. It is also believed that the soldier with a higher rank would have worn black coloring and the rest of the soldiers would wear green.

Later, in China, around 3000 B.C.E, they made boldly colored nail tints with egg whites, gelatin, beeswax, and vegetable dyes. In this case, not all colors were allowed for everyone. Some colors would be a distinction between being royalty and your rank.

Wow, that’s honestly impressive. But what we know now as a manicure service mostly began with King Louis Philippe of France in the mid-1800s. One, at then Mary E. Cobb, studied the art of the French nail care and opened her own salon where she used her own manicure system. It didn’t include polished since it wasn’t invented yet as we know, but she sold her own creation, that gave nails a subtle and healthy rosy tint.

Nowadays, people can get very luxurious manicures that might make them look as luxurious as their nails, some just want to have shiny vibrant nails and some others try the weirdest yet amazing designs too.

Whatever you choose, it depends on what you like and also a little bit on your skin color. Why? Because some colors will be more noticeable than others depending on that. When it comes to colors to wear during summertime, the ones to wear go from pastels to neon in general, with mostly pink, yellow, and orange taking the lead.

When it comes to nail art itself, you can choose from summery fruits like pineapples, lemons, oranges. As well as flowers and beach plants. Stars, uneven lines in different colors. Even a French manicure with the tips using pastel colors. Some beachy images like starfishes will be a great option for nail art for the summer season.

Remember that whatever you choose has to make you happy and at some point, if possible, be a good match to what you are going to wear. Maybe match your clothes and outfit to your manicure. You have to like whatever style you’re choosing, whether it is a simple monochromatic color or a cute flowery or fruity design. Even if you wear some swirls inspired by the 70s and the disco style.

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2022 Spring Nail Art Warm Color Styles.

Interesting fact: Spring is around 75 days away, and who’s measuring? Can you judge me for wishing to get through the gloomy colder months then I can start playing with hue? The nail styles for Spring 2022 join in the fun as well.

Get set to liven things up this spring since many of the catwalk looks didn’t follow the “typical” springtime nail patterns. Instead, there were diamond embellishments, glossy French nails, and pointed black tips—don’t sweat, there would be plenty of flowers too.

Please take a peek at our round-up of springtime manicure styles unless you want to change it up a bit or stay with the pastel’s nail colors and floral motifs since there’s plenty to go around. I also included the materials you’ll need to recreate the styles at home as a nice little extra. So now browse, shop, and take screenshots.

Nail trends:

Nails with a euphoria theme.

It’s pretty acceptable to acknowledge that you watched Euphoria for the fantastic nail designs rather than the narrative. You’re never alone anymore: Famous nail technician Natalie Minerva produces the series’s dreamy, over-the-top designs.

It is a significant influence on springtime nails. Begin with a moderate or glittery manicure base coat and afterward splash on a different tone to get comparable swoon-worthy fingernails. (Creating gradient patterns is most uncomplicated using a throwaway nail or cosmetic sponges.) Don’t stress about perfection—the goal is to get an ombré, melted-nail-polish effect. You can further enhance the dreamlike appearance by using nail decorations.

Gray nails with a dove color.

Gray nails have indeed been highly trendy for just a few decades. However, for Spring 2022, items are brightening up a touch. Consider a super-soft gray that is almost white or silvery. Some other exciting concept: “gradient” nails.

To get this appearance, paint every nail with a distinct color of gray polish out of the same group, producing a sleek, sophisticated, and modern style.

Nails with a ’90s vibe.

Regarding spring manicure colors, vintage would be all the trend, with a focus on styles that were popular in the 1990s—from dark, vampy reds and powerful glitter to ultramarine blue and delicate pinks with adorable motifs.

So make your unique club-kid-inspired manicures, or go for essential nail art to show off your interest in all things frilly and charming.

Holographic shades.

Isn’t this among the most unusual springtime nail color ideas? Colors that need the effort to understand. If you apply these as a protective coating on nail features or all over your fingers, beautiful holographic colors interact with light to create color surprises!

It’s not the first time we’ve seen holographic nails for the year, but unlike the dark blues and greens we’ve seen in the wintertime and autumn, springtime holos are airy and foamy and won’t overpower your mani. It’s also a great approach to get folks to look twice.


People are no longer flaunting their emotions around their sleeves; instead, they’ll be wearing their messages on their fingernails come spring. “If it’s something personalized or ’90s-inspired,” Boyce adds, “they adore themes.”

“Think wicked eyes, cheerful smiles inspired by Nirvana, and aliens.” Although hand-painted nail design is widespread, the same designs are also available as nail stickers and covers. As a basis, pick your favorite pink, and afterward, add another accent when you’re feeling creative.