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Which Color Contact Lenses Are Suitable for Summer

Summer is all about having fun under the sun, taking tons of pictures, and flaunting your colorful OOTDs. When you feel that you’ve run out of interesting and playful looks, why not experiment with wearing color contact lenses perfect for summer.

Imagine how putting on an eye color can drastically change your look. Just wear colored contact lenses and you can transform your look from sweet to fierce to fabulous! No need to wear your sunnies as your color contact lenses will take the center spot.

Wearing the right contact lenses suitable for summer can flatter your look. As summer is all about having fun under the sun, feel free to play with colors and let your eyes do the talking and flirting.

I recommend these 4 Color Contact Lenses so you can be an Eye Candy! Look good while you stroll by the beach and bask under the sun by sporting these 4 color contact lenses:

1) Turquoise

Your eyes will blend with the scenery and your eyes will pop in the photos. You will look more youthful and fresh as your eyes give more depth and drama to the waves and the sky. You’ll definitely be calming and refreshing view.

2) Green

Affaires Yearly Disposable Color Contact Lenses Two-Tone Affaires 2 Lens Pack

Green lenses have a way of reducing glare and brightening shadows. This will give you a mysterious & enchanting look like the pine trees. You’ll look like a goddess or a fairy by sporting this mesmerizing color. This color is as elegant as the gemstone jade. You’ll be a stunner alright.

3) Sky Blue

Affaires Color Contact Lenses Yearly Disposable Pack Of 2 Lens (Sky Blue)

I’ve always wanted baby blue eyes as they look warm and cuddly. The icy blue color is so relaxing, refreshing, and recharging to look at. It’s a very calming eye color that is soothing and invigorating. Cupid will surely find your perfect match. Who wouldn’t want an icy cool look that can give you a refreshing splash? Oh, just perfect to beat this summer heat!

4) Brown

Affaires Color Contact lenses Yearly Disposable Brown Colour, Two Tone (2 Lens Pack) (-9.00, Brown)

For more subtle enhancements, you can try on a brown eye color to give you a more natural look. Oh, you won’t go wrong with this one as this will give you a more sophisticated look with an extra ‘oomph’ factor. Brown color contact lenses are for those people who don’t want so much drama because you will still look like yourself, but with a more interesting & powerful glow.

Looking good has never been this easy with color contact lenses that make you instantly look better. Choose your eye color & be eye candy! You can instantly change your identity by putting on colored contact lenses, a wig, and a mysterious outfit. Yes, you can play Sherlock too by changing your look and personality once in a while. Now, that’s an interesting experience, right?! This is an instant eye-catching trick for everyone and anyone who wants to feel like a celebrity. Get your cameras ready as your look is perfect for a photo shoot.

With an eye color as enchanting as this, your Zombie look can instantly transform into an awakened Sleeping Beauty. Why not try putting on color contact lenses surely, you won’t regret your decision. No need to go to the parlor or the spa, all you need is an eye color change! Wow!

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Which Color Contact Lenses are Suitable for Summer?

Summer is an ideal time of the year for change. It is a time for fashion and style experiments, whether they are going to be temporary or stick with you for a long time. If you are still looking forward to changing something in your appearance, but not ready for the drastic makeover, you can use a different approach to your look. Wigs will help you embrace a new hair color, and color contact lenses will give you a whole new personality? If these sound intriguing to you, then keep reading to learn which color contact lenses are worth your time and money.

We suggest you begin with natural-looking lenses. They are easier to pull off, you won’t need to bother with matching makeup look and outfit. The Diva contact lenses are going to look very subtle on dark eyes. So, if you always wanted to see yourself with light green, blue, or hazel eyes, this is going to be your best starter variant.

The next contact lenses are not only going to change your eye color but also enlarge your iris. The diameter of the lens is 14.5 mm, which is bigger than the size of the regular iris. The Blush collection includes several muted colors: from pastel pink to cloudy blue and light brown. These lenses also look great on black, and dark-colored eyes.

Make your eyes shine like two diamonds this summer with the diamond series lenses by Fresh Lady. These are not your nudish-natural lenses, they are bold, glamorous, and eye-catching. You are able to choose from seven different color options, still, all of them feature an incredible geometrical, diamond-like pattern.

Blue eye color is a dream that can become a reality for you with the Sapphire Blue lenses by Mesmereyes Beauty. The stunning saturated-blue color represents the precious gemstore. The surface of the lens imitates the natural appearance of human iris, which makes it look very believable. Lens’ diameter is 14,2 mm and it also makes your eyes look bigger.

For the final pick, we’ve decided to stop on other natural-looking lenses  which allow you to change your look subtly. These lenses do not feature a limbal ring around the lenses for the maximum genuinity of the look. You can also choose the power of the lens and wear them not only for the looks, but for eyesight correction as well. How do you like this idea?