Hoyk thieves survived stealing women’s underwear

Craig Brydon, 38, was sentenced to 16 months in prison for a year and a half.

He was also ordered to perform 120 hours of unpaid work.

Bledden of Hawick Atkinson Road pleaded guilty to three allegations of burglary in the Berwick Magistrate Court in February, but the case was handed over to the Royal Court of Newcastle.

The court’s conversion was due to the belief that Britton’s crimes might be more severe than the judge’s right to make a harsher sentence.

Both courts told Braden that the intrusion he encountered as a heavy-duty truck driver on the road was caused by his superstition in women’s shorts.

In August and September 2016, all three thefts were in Wooler, one on Zhennan Road and two on Fenton Grange, and on an unspecified date between 2015 and 2017.

Brighton was arrested for giving up a pair of high heels with DNA near the address of South Road.

He then searched his home, bringing in women’s underwear and a wig taken from Wooler’s house.

Brendan initially denied the intrusion, claiming to have purchased the problematic item from the skip or charity store, but his work record allowed him to put him on Wooler on two nights of theft, prompting him to change direction and own It is.

According to the magistrate’s order, Braden has been suffering from epilepsy and depression, the former responsible for his underwear obsession.

Questioning prisoners of the police in reports of underwear

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Claims against regulators indicate that the Scottish police have brought prisoners into underwear, pajamas or bare feet.

Her Majesty’s Prison Inspectorate (HMIPS) last week criticized the so-called “unacceptable practices” that its staff witnessed during a routine visit to the Sheriff’s Court in Edinburgh.

Its official report sparked a story of the newspaper and a series of condemnations by prison reformers who warned them of the so-called horrific lack of respect and “human dignity.”

However, official and unofficial sources now suggest that the details in the report may be the result of innocent misunderstanding. The Herald learned that a prisoner who was described as wearing pajamas actually insisted on wearing an “onsie” jumpsuit.

The newly appointed deputy police chief, Fiona Taylor, told another supervisory agency, the Scottish Police, that she had reminded guardians of the need to provide dignity to prisoners.

But she added: “When our officials treat any public with less respect than they deserve, I will not try to make excuses. “But in these special circumstances, we have the ability to check the truth of the report before the report is released. accuracy.

“So when I talk to the guardian, some of the material published is not their interpretation of the local facts.”

After the police chief Iain Livingstone called the HMIPS report “real attention,” Ms. Taylor made a speech.

According to sources, if prisoners lose their lives, police detainees often provide prisoners with clothes and shoes, often in people in distress or difficulty. They said that the inspector might see a prisoner without shoes during the transportation process, but this does not mean that the person entered the court barefoot.

David Hamilton, vice chairman of the Scottish Police Federation, said: “HMIPS has issued a free pass comment. The Scottish police should have the opportunity to conduct fact checks.”

The best underwear ever: five years, 22 countries, a pair of underwear

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Let me assure you that no one twists my arm to say this, but I must say: I fell in love with my underwear. My family thinks I am crazy. My friends teased me. I just don’t care. Some people make a fuss about their BMW. Others are greedy foods from Hermes or Rolex. I am very passionate about my ExOfficios. My “front” and I am about to usher in our fifth anniversary, there are 22 countries to visit along the way, which makes this a perfect moment, can mention my ulterior (I promise to keep it, hey, short ).

First of all, I want to say that 2018 is a busy year for me. As I entered this message, I was returning an 11-hour flight from Chile, followed by summer missions in Europe, Asia, Canada, Wyoming, Massachusetts, Vermont, New York, Tennessee and the District of Columbia. Frankly, I am a little tired but my skiing is crisp and fresh, as the Pringle pops out of the jar.

You may know what underwear I am talking about. You may have seen “classic ads in 17 countries.” 6 weeks. A pair of underwear. “That’s it. Nylon, ultra-light mesh material is deodorant and stain-resistant and can be dried in two hours or less. It is also very powerful. The waist or leg holes (or worse) do not sag, hydrophobic The fiber causes the moisture surface to evaporate almost immediately. ExOfficio retails for about $20.


This may sound terrible, but we are all friends here: Have you ever been to a long-distance running or a soul cycle class, sitting back home on the couch, just to find a wet pool in the shape of your ass sitting? Yes, none of this will happen. Or, suppose you are traveling and try to clean the last pair of clean panties at the end of a long journey. For most other outfits, you basically walk around the whole day and feel the feeling. But again, ExOfficios does not happen.

I got my first pair when I traveled to the most remote Ethiopia in 2012. I am visiting the lost tribe in the Omo Valley, I know that I will not find a fluffy fold by the river. At that time, I started to practice. This has become a habit, especially when I travel, it is like this: wear, wash, twist, wait, wear.

In other words, you wear underwear all day, then wash it with soap and water. Give it a rinse (perhaps a quality control sniff) and then twist and wring the water. If there is a hand towel, it is even better. Wrap the underwear with a towel and twist it. This way you can smash the water into a towel for extra absorbency. From here you can choose: let the underwear hang dry (again, usually takes 2 hours) or let your 98.6 degree tuchas get the job done.

Full disclosure: I actually have two pairs of ExOfficios now, this is all the underwear I need. No, they are not sexy, so I have some other cotton briefs and boxers. Like other brands, I especially like Mack Weldon’s boxer briefs. But ExO is still the best choice for my daily life and distant life.

When I visited Japan last year, I walked a few miles a day and stopped in a series of traditional hot spring bathrooms. My underwear ceremony is perfect. I took off my clothes and put on a yukata robes, washed off the ExOfficios, and put them when I soaked them in the bathtub. When I finished, the panties were ready to swing again. I think it is the art of Zen and underwear maintenance.

ExOfficio launched the deodorant Give-N-Go “performance” underwear in 2000. They make men’s and women’s clothing for fancy prints and solids of all shapes and sizes. As for me, I will stick to my five-year-old pair and continue on the road.