Fashion zone underwear importers face money laundering

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Los Angeles Fashion District lingerie importers are expected to be sentenced on Wednesday for allegedly laundering money belonging to a federal drug trafficking syndicate in Mexico.

The owner of Yilin Underwear and Gayima Underwear, 59-year-old Xilin Chen, pleaded guilty to three felony convictions in June 2015, demanding that he renounce hundreds of thousands of dollars in assets under a plea agreement and could result in his loss of US citizenship. According to the US Attorney’s Office.

In the agreement, Temple City’s man admitted that he had received a lot of cash in his business, and he had reason to believe that it was from illegal drug activities, but avoided understanding the truth of the money. The importer acknowledged that he had received a large amount of cash as clothing for three times from an undercover agent who pretended to be a person associated with a drug trafficker.

Chen pleaded guilty in the Federal Court of Los Angeles and deliberately passed false documents submitted to the US Customs and Border Protection to seek money laundering and illegal citizenship. The prosecutor recommended “time to serve” followed by three years of supervised release, including up to 12 months of family imprisonment.

Chen’s 28-year-old son, Zhuang Feng’s “Tom Chen” also pleaded guilty to the crime of passing false documents. The condition of his case is still unclear.

As part of the case, Chen agreed to abandon the proceeds from the sale of their underwear company’s buildings; two houses in Temple City; federal agents seized more than $435,000.

Under the guilty plea agreement, the prosecutor asked US District Court judge Percy Anderson to dismiss Chen’s daughter Chen Aixia’s allegations.

The investigation of Chen’s company is part of a larger survey of the black market peso exchange program in downtown Los Angeles.

Fashion area. In September 2014, more than 1,000 agents flocked to the area to conduct searches and seizure orders. Authorities say the attack, known as the “Fashion Police Act”, has received more than $90 million in cash in bankers’ boxes, shoe boxes and duffel bags.

Louis Anderson’s “Big Underwear Tour” is coming to Brabham Event Center

The favorite comic book son of Minnesota is hosting a one-year banner ad. He will go home to watch a series of shows in a private room with limited seating later this month.

Emmy winner comedian and actor Louis Anderson, often telling his real mom to make a joke, become a popular, award-winning TV show that has provided a lot of creativity before this year, and even more than half of the projects come from TV Go to the DVD to the book. Not to mention the standing performance throughout the country.

As part of his “2018 Big Underwear Tour”, Anderson will perform at 7pm on Saturday, August 18. Brabham Activity Center in Brabham. The special guests were Scott Hansen and Jason Schommer. Tickets are available at the Braham Activity Center at, please call 320-396-3177 or visit online. Tickets are pre-sold for $40 and the show is $50. Seats start at 6 pm and offer full bar service before and during the show. Minors can only be carried out under the supervision of their parents. The Brabham Events Center is located at 18th Street, Brabham.

The three Emmy-winning Anderson is one of the country’s most recognized and popular comics. The iconic comedian was named one of the 100 greatest independent comedians in history by the Comedy Center. His career has been more than 30 years. He is a bestselling author, a star in his own stunts and sitcoms, and he continues to tour the country, standing only for the world.

In 2016, Anderson and Zach Galifianakis and Martha Kelly starred in the popular FX comedy series Baskets. Anderson plays the extraordinary role of Christine, the female patriarch of the Vasquez family. He built this role on his mother and his five sisters, who are important figures in his life. Anderson won the Emmy Award for Outstanding Supporting Actor in the Comedy Series for his role as Christine Baskets in 2016.

“My character is not as kind as my mother. Anderson said that this is really an extension of my mother, and added that he always wants to behave as “as realistic as possible” of his performance, rather than “impact or “It’s cartoon.” When I received the TV show, it felt like a sacred intervention. Somehow, my mother, from a far-reaching perspective, finally began to enter her career in the first place.”

As a stand-up, he shared the ups and downs of his childhood experiences. As one of 11 children in Minnesota, Anderson made a comedy routine that provided realism to his early club audience while reducing them to helpless laughter. This made him stand out from his career as a counselor and let the troubled children join Johnny Carson in the 1984 TV show tonight.

The rest are history. Leno, Letterman, and Craig Ferguson’s evening party, Stephen Colbert’s evening show, “Comic Relief”, Showtime, HBO and CMT special programs followed, including the legendary game show, Family Feud It is an actor for him to make Anderson a household name and open the door.

He invited guests to appear in “Srace Comedy” such as “Grace Under Fire” and “Angelate Touch” and “Chicago Hope” and played an unforgettable role in the film comedy opposite Eddie Murphy, such as “coming to the United States.” “, and the classic “Ferris Bueller’s Day Off”.

In 1995, Anderson put his creative energy into the animated series “Working with Louis” on Saturday morning. Based on Louis’s own childhood and a long series with his father, he won three Humanitas awards for the children’s animated series, making him the only three winners of this award. It also won the Genesis Award for its description of the correct treatment of animals and, most importantly, it won two Emmy Awards.

His best-selling books include “Dear Dad – A Letter from an Adult Child”, a series of alternating touching and horrifying letters from Louis to his late father, and “Goodbye Big Mac….. “Hello cruel world”, self-helpers who fight for self-esteem issues, and his installment payments to the family, “F-words, how to make your family survive.”

Instagram flirting who is willing to marry a woman, if her engagement is not successful, he will be smashed by a brazen underwear… It turned out that her FIANCÉ wore her shorts

An Instagram flirting, when a blonde replies with a playful slap, he thinks he is doing some “action”, when the brazen photo turns into her fiance – he is shocked when wearing her shorts.

Online Casanova asked 21-year-old Amy Perkins from Manchester if she could take her a drink without knowing she was sitting next to her 24-year-old fiance, Ashley Wells.

When she refuses and explains that she is engaged to her boyfriend for two years, if the relationship between the love deteriorates, then Romeo will propose to marry her.

Shocked by Lothario’s boldness, Ashley decided to be interested in the news, squeezed into Amy’s shorts, pulled it up to copy a thong, and took a photo in the mirror.

Carefully hiding his face, and Ashley gave the snap to his fiancée admirer and received an excited answer, asking: ‘Are you ready for the action I am talking about? ‘.

The prank couple from Manchester didn’t want to lead the mysterious man for a long time, answering with a similar photo, but showing Ashley’s face, Amy was immediately blocked.

Manufacturer Ashley said: “I am not angry, I have been with Amy for a long time, I believe her, and know that she will not make any bad response.

“She is very beautiful, that’s why people always leave a message to her, but we are engaged, I love her and trust her.

“I just thought I was just playing a little. I jumped out of bed and asked her where she kept her shorts.

“They are not very comfortable. I pulled them up and looked like thongs, but it was worth the discomfort.

“I took a photo and he commented on some nice things, so he must like it, but he obviously thinks this is Amy.

“Then I sent a photo of my face and he stopped us immediately. I just played it. I don’t want to upset him.

“Since I posted screenshots online, I have a lot of comments on my ass, which is a strange feeling.”

Amy admits that at first she wanted to delete the message and leave it, but when Ashley put on her shorts, she couldn’t stop laughing.

The hairdresser was not surprised that the bachelor thought it was her rear because she said Ashley ‘has a lovely bottom’.

Amy said: “When I received the news, I sat down with Ashley. He asked me, ‘What is he talking about?’.

“I intend to delete it, but he said let us reply, we will teach him a lesson.

When she continued her world tour, Britney Spears took off almost no underwear and jewelry bras.

She is currently on the European Way for her journey to Pieces Of Me.

On Saturday, she brought a lot of cheers to the Swedish fans.

The 36-year-old shot 10,000 people at the Goransson Arena in Sandviken, where there were almost no G strings and black jewel-encrusted bras.

Her blond hair is shaped like a ponytail, and as she dances, she swings from side to side.

The singer of Baby One More Time set a tough schedule for herself, with 18 European dates from August 4th to September 1st, including a three-night show at the London O2 Arena.

Later, Britney had rested for six weeks before the tour on August 21 in Austin, Texas.

By that time, the star will perform 42 dates in 18 countries including the United States after opening in Tokyo, Japan on June 3.

The tour was based on a successful piece of her success at the Hollywood Planet in Las Vegas, where she performed 248 times in four years.

At the same time, Britney has been dealing with her ex-husband Kevin Federline, trying to get the Grammy Award winners to disclose her income in their ongoing child support dispute.

The couple divorced in 2007 after three years of marriage, sharing 12-year-old son Sean and 11-year-old Jayden.

Kevin is one of the star-backed singers who asked her to pay $25,000 for child support.

According to the court documents obtained by TMZ, the toxic singer claimed in the Family Court in Los Angeles on August 3 that Kevin asked for more money for his four other children rather than his son.

Kevin, 40, and his wife, Victoria Prince, have two daughters, and a former son and daughter of Shaker Jackson, who gets about $20,000 a month from Britney.

Britney Spears shows off her tights, fixing the abs and cleavage only bound bra, underwear and boots

Tricky! Britney Spears is showing her fans a near-personal look and seeing her finest performing costumes, including her bound bra and underwear.

When you look good, it’s hard not to show off it! Britney Spears is swinging the best body in her life, and her Piece of Me tour costume is showing it in the biggest way. The 36-year-old woman barely wore clothing during her stay in Las Vegas, but now she has photographed her outfit on the road and her clothing has become even more embarrassing.

The two mothers showed an Instagram photo on August 9th, she was shaking a black push-up bra, giving her full cleavage and matching bindings to the bottom, with a small side strap and a little black fabric covering her private . Her abdomen is very tight and her legs are well muscled. The mother of two children is a exercise fanatic, and the boy shows it!

The British have hosted such a high-energy program, with a lot of dance moves, and her small costumes offer some challenges in wardrobe failure. On the US route that she toured, she has two in ten days. When she performed in Maryland on July 13, her left chest popped out of her little black bra, and in “Do Something,” she continued for two minutes and then noticed what happened.

Fortunately, Britney is ready because she has a black nipple. On July 23, she came back to play at the Radio City Music Hall in New York City, and another set of clothes disappointed her. This time it was a red bra and she had a rest on her right chest. Her nipples once again helped save the British from being modest.

Fortunately, the British have not been embarrassed during her European tour. She played a lot of dates in such a short time, so that she went from one city to another, and there was almost no rest between them. Unfortunately, this made her somewhat confused about her performance. When she performed at the Brighton Pride Festival on August 4th, she could not remember her city.

“Where are we?” She asked one of her dancers. Fortunately, when she returned to the audience, she was able to answer her question and declare: “What is Brighton’s pride!” She is so cute.

Is your underwear a chance to help or hurt you as a father?

In addition to the appearance, the boxer may be the best underwear for men, aiming to become a father.

A new study published in the journal Human Reproduction on Wednesday showed that men in loose tights had higher sperm concentrations than men’s tights. Sperm concentration is the number of sperm per ml of semen and is one of the few standard indicators of male fertility.

However, men who like “bikini”, better known as briefs and other tights, have higher levels of follicle stimulating hormone than men in boxers.

Because this hormone stimulates sperm production, the researchers speculate that these higher levels will stimulate the testicles to work harder when producing sperm, which may be the way the body compensates for reduced sperm concentration.

“The study’s lead author, Lidia Mínguez-Alarcón, a research scientist at Harvard University’s T.H., said: “The choice of underwear to influence sperm production has been the subject of research. “Chen Public Health College. However, this study is the first method to study whether male choice of underwear will affect his testicular function, including reproductive hormones and DNA fragmentation,” she said.

According to data from the American Society for Reproductive Medicine, semen analysis is a microscopic examination of male ejaculation. The parameters in the examination include the amount of semen (the amount of liquid ejaculated by men during high tide), the number of sperm (the total number of sperm in each sample), the sperm concentration (the number of sperm per ml), the sperm motility (the number of sperm moves), and the sperm morphology ( Whether the sperm is the correct size and shape).

“Although the analysis of semen samples is the first step in diagnosing male infertility, it is not certain,” Mínguez-Alarcón said. Despite this, she and her colleagues still use semen analysis and testicular function measurements to understand the possible effects of male underwear choices.

In this study, her recruited men and their partners sought infertility treatment at the Massachusetts General Hospital between 2000 and 2017. Ages ranged from 18 to 56 years old, and each male provided semen and blood samples and responded to a questionnaire about their underwear. .

Of the 656 men, slightly more than half (345) reported that they usually wore shorts. In general, these men tend to be younger, slimmer, and more likely to take a hot bath or step into the jacuzzi instead of wearing tights.

The boxer shorts group has a 25% increase in sperm concentration, a 17% increase in sperm count, a 33% increase in vitality (swimming) sperm, and a 14% lower follicle stimulating hormone level than male researchers in “tight shorts” and other tight shorts. Smoking, physical activity and other conditions that may affect the outcome are taken into account.

However, no significant differences in DNA damage or other reproductive hormones were found between the two underwear groups.

“It may not be possible to generalize our findings to the general population,” Mínguez-Alarcón said. She added that other weaknesses in her research include her and her colleagues lacking information about other lifestyle factors that may affect scrotal fever – such as the type of pants worn and the fabric of the underwear. It is well known that extreme heat can cause a drop in semen production.

The cost of tearing underwear has received the attention of DPP

Court documents showed that a Busia County man was accused of tearing his mother’s underwear and caught the attention of the Attorney General (DPP) Noordin Haji.

These boring accusations were broadcast on social media, causing suspicions among Kenyans, many of whom doubted whether they had concealed some nasty or fabricated accusations.

“Why is the court wasting resources and time, accusing the man of tearing the mother’s underwear?” I want to know a Facebook user.

Apparently, Michael Omukule of Teso South from Kwangamor stumbled across his mother in his yard two weeks ago.

The 44-year-old man is said to be shocked and allegedly insulted and beaten her and further insulted her relatives and relatives.

Omukule was also accused of blaming all the mysterious deaths in the village on his mother and accusing her of abandoning her home behind her father.

In court, Omukule denied the body fighting with her mother and tearing her underwear, but accused her of performing witchcraft because of some strange things happening in her family, such as being abandoned by neighbors and some family members.

Busia Senior Resident Magistrate Martha Nanzushi told Omukule that even if his mother is a witch, he should not talk about it publicly because it is equal to jealousy, especially if he cannot provide the same evidence.

“All I know is that my mother is practicing some witchcraft because my father left our home and moved to Benga, where he bought the land. My brother did the same thing,” He said.

“The reason I say this is because I feel someone running around in our yard and jumping out of my house with a panga and a torch in the middle of the night. I was surprised to find that this is my mother,” Omukule said.

Omukule will be charged in the Busia court, which includes other criminal acts – tearing his mother’s panties worth Sh100. However, after the court file infected the virus, the DPP has instructed the case to be withdrawn.

However, the prosecution has decided to charge Omukule with new allegations, condemning his mother and calling her by calling her a witch.

The original fee schedule reads: “You deliberately and illegally damaged Wilbroda Barasa’s internal pants Sh100 property.”

“The DPP’s attention has been drawn to the schedule of charges relating to the pending matters of Michael Omukule in the Bushian court. The DPP has directed the matter or case to be submitted to the Glorious Court for withdrawal,” the statement is as follows.

Kim Kardashian shows fit in green bras and underwear to promote Yeezys

Kim Kardashian once again promotes another product while showing off her healthy body.

This time, Kardashian took a break from promoting her KKW Beauty collection and Kimoji perfume, but promoted her husband’s business. In her latest Instagram photo, she can see the mother of three children lying on a white bed while leaving little imagination, because the TV personality shows off her body in a matching forest green bra and underwear.

The tailoring of the underwear allows fans to see Kardashian’s body and loot and her slender belly. In the photo, Kanye West’s wife wore a long black lock when she passed through the bed. In the real Kardashian form, Kim wears a cosmetic filled with black eyeshadows, lipstick, eyeliner and mascara.

To complete the sexy look, Kim is swinging her husband’s shoes with his popular Yeezy series, the Butter 350’s. The shoes are mainly white, but have yellow yellow laces.

Undoubtedly, this photo has received the attention of more than 115 million fans of gold, more than 448,000 likes, and more than 4,000 comments released in just one hour. Many fans quickly commented on how beautiful Kardashian looks in the photo, and countless others intervene because they want to buy shoes.

“It looks good! I think these are sesame 350s,” another fan wrote.

“I am lying in bed thinking about everything I should do, but I am not,” another fan joked.

Kim recently fought with his sister Kourtney Kardashian in the season premiere of the hit show that kept in touch with Kardashians. As Inquisitr shared earlier today, when Kim tried to arrange a film for this popular Christmas card, the dispute began. When Kourt said she needed to leave shooting before four o’clock, when Kim said that Kourt was “the least interested”, the discord became unsightly.

Then there was a dispute on Twitter, and Kourtney tweeted: “We all have our own priorities. I am a mother.” However, Kim Kardashian does not seem to like her comments and replies, “I Isn’t it? The filming was taken with our children!!!!! My first priority is to be a mother, I can work too, you can too!”

How this kind of disharmony develops remains to be seen…

Samantha Jade sizzles in new underwear campaign

floral shirt womens

Pop princess Samantha Jade shares her fashion strength with lingerie brand Bras N Things.

The 31-year-old is standing out for the launch of the brand’s Samantha Jade collection. The collection will include lingerie, pajamas and dilapidated fashion items.

The signers are the newest members of many Australian stars, including Elyse Knowels and Simone Holtznagel, working with iconic lingerie brands.

floral shirt womens

“This is a real dream for me. I have always liked fashion, so working with the professional Bras N Things design team is a very interesting experience and has a creative commitment throughout the design process. Said Jade.

“I like and wear it, every piece I create for my collection, I am very happy to share these works with my fans and other places in Australia.”

floral shirt womens

The new series will be fully available on August 13. In the meantime, click to view pictures and behind-the-scenes videos from the new series of Love Child stars.

We interviewed women who sold second-hand underwear to see if it was as profitable as it looked.

ladies long sleeve tops

It’s never appealing to cross the street to distribute catalogs or join pyramids, but one thing is always attracted – selling second-hand underwear.

As sex work progresses, on the surface, selling your pants seems to be very passive – almost as rewarding as you do for things you do. It has also been touted by many publications as a way to quickly fix cash. However, there is no such thing as a free lunch. It seems that many places forget the actual part of work in this way of sex work.

Panty Trust is one of the sites where people can buy and sell second-hand underwear and other items such as socks or tights. They have about 1,600 members (although not all members are active sellers), and as many as 5,000 potential buyers visit their ads every day.

On the website, you will need to pay a lifetime membership fee of £40 to start and verify that you are a legitimate supplier. Three years ago, Crimson began selling her underwear when she was at university.

She told “After Orange is a new black carnival, I met the Amazon Kindle [book], called ‘How to sell your old underwear online, earning $200 a day (£152)’…. .. “Undoubtedly I invested in the last $4 (£3) and downloaded two different apps before I started reading this article.

Encouraged by a promise of guaranteed sales and $200 a day, Crimson ordered a number of websites but did not sell a pair of pants or socks for five weeks.

Then Crimson’s removal of [her] panties girl changed herself, leaving a very unfavorable comment on the Amazon Kindle, canceling [her] Netflix subscription, because f ** k you, Chapman, ‘in returning to her Before part-time work.

This unrealistic expectation seems to have failed her, because after she returned to the fetish industry about a year ago, she found more success, selling five pairs of second-hand socks and twelve pairs of underwear. Four weeks before joining the Panty Trust (initially worried about the cost).

Now she says that the monthly income can be as high as $800 (£611) – although this is a very, very good month. She took the time and energy to take pictures and was very realistic about the price.

She said, “I try my best to stand out from the crowd and provide something that other panty sellers don’t have, me.” Jenny, when she realized she liked her fragrance and partner, she started selling, she said: ‘I I like the idea of ​​someone enjoying and admiring the items/scents I have used, especially if I also dominate them.