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Lena Dunham shares underwear photos when she is “very sick” and “fascinated” with her body


Lena Dunham continues to honestly say that she has a physical relationship with her.

The 32-year-old writer recently shared her own underwear selfie on her underwear, which looked slimmer last summer and another photo of her own after the Thanksgiving holiday. In October last year, Dunham revealed that she had surgery to remove her left ovary, and also underwent a total hysterectomy in February last year – removing a cervix and uterus.

“I found this photo since the summer of 2017,” she wrote in a photo more than a year ago. “I am very ill, but I am obsessed with my body.”

“I am thanking G 2018 the next day,” she wrote next to her own new photo. “I am very happy, proud and recovering, so I should be obsessed with this body and offer her THANX.”

At the same time, Dunham acknowledged her polarization and the past controversy she had participated in in a new interview with The Cut, prompting her to publicly apologize. Dunham said her ex-boyfriend, musician Jack Antonov, helped her accept the problem.

“‘You are a provocate, don’t even know it,'” she recalls, telling her. “You have to look at the fact that when you say it, you don’t just want to please; sometimes you actively try to make people unhappy.” He forced me to look at the person who wanted to sleep. ”

“Yes, I am not for everyone,” she added.

Dunham talks frankly about Antonov, who dated her for five years before breaking up in January.

“Our relationship may last longer than it should,” she admitted. “He is a very loyal person, so he won’t be released when he gets tough. When his family celebrates, he holds my hand while engulfing New Year’s Eve. But when you get sick, it takes a lot of money. Efforts to ensure that the other person is in good physical condition, so that you don’t even notice that our schedule may not be compatible. Maybe we want to get different things from life. Maybe we have different attitudes towards what the family means. Maybe people keep asking None of these basic questions have been asked because we just want to make sure that I don’t faint in the grocery store.”

The creator of the girl admitted that it was not easy to see Antonov, 34, moving on. According to reports, he is currently dating model Carlotta Kohl.

“I think I can prove that strange girls can have love, too,” she said. “And now, he is dating people who look normal and look like girls.”

She also talked about the rumors that Antonov had dated with his friend Roy shortly after breaking up, and they later denied this. Despite this, Dunham said she has not spoken to 22-year-old Lord.

“This is too embarrassing,” Dunham talked about. “This is terrible, because I feel very strange – I don’t think there is anything between them. I will never know the life of others. I have never talked to Ella [Lorde]. I broke up with Jack and me. We haven’t talked about it since. It’s too bad. I can’t do anything but believe that what he said to me is true.”

In addition to opening up her breakup with Antonov, Dunham shared why she and her girl’s partner Jenni Konner parted ways.

“Maybe my illness makes me inaccessible, maybe my fame makes me inaccessible… I will mess up these things in the future, but I have not maintained a healthy relationship with the closest people. Now, She doesn’t have to absorb any nonsense that I pushed that day,” she admitted. “No matter what I do, I don’t have to be her now. I’m sure if I were her, I would imagine it was a relief.”

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