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Underwear people sparked a kidnapping at the Santa Rosa target store, robbery investigation


Two Stoketon residents were detained on Tuesday for alleged kidnapping, robbery and assault in the marijuana trade in Santa Rosa, where a man was stripped of underwear and shouted for help in a busy Santa Rosa shopping centre.

The investigation began at 7:35 pm on Sunday when the Santa Rosa police were dispatched. To the target store on Santa Rosa Boulevard, the man with the exposed clothes shouted and asked people to call the police.

When the Santa Rosa police arrived, the man, a resident of Roseville, told them that he was kidnapped and forced to leave the guns for sale during the sale of the guns. When the potential buyer stole marijuana, the army was interrupted. Josh Ludtke said on Tuesday. This unidentified victim is considered a broker’s transaction.

Earlier on Sunday, an indeterminate number of people met in the Taylor View apartment building in southern Santa Rosa, then drove to Slater Street in downtown Santa Rosa, where the apartment building sold pots, Ludtke said.

Although the unidentified potential buyers themselves are checking the 5-pound pot samples, they are still taking them away. As a broker, the victim had to forward the bad news to two sellers, who then pointed at him with a gun. Ludtke said they forced him to get on the bus and bring him back to Taylor View Drive.

There, “They told him to take off and enter the trunk. He thought they would kill him,” Ludtke said. “At the moment of distraction, he struggled for it.”

Not sure if he was chased, he ran, cleared a fence, crossed an apartment building, where he jumped into a slow-moving car. The man made the frightened person occupy a lot of people. They took him to the goal near Santa Rosa Avenue and told him to get off.

The investigation of Santa Rosa detectives developed the Stockton connection and the vehicles that might be connected to the case. On Monday, four detectives and a sergeant traveled to the Central Valley City to hone in a house, and it is believed that the two suspects were believed to be hiding there.

Ludtke said that when the couple left home, the Stockton police stopped their car and detained 38-year-old Seth Willden and 39-year-old Misty Lovecchio. The detective found a gun and marijuana in their home. The two were arrested on suspicion of robbery, kidnapping, illegal imprisonment, use of deadly weapons, wielding firearms and threats.

Ludtke said Willden waved the gun and Lovecchio drove and participated in the crime of Santa Rosa. The two stayed in San Joaquin County Prison on Tuesday but are expected to be extradited to Sonoma County Prison.

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