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Sunglasses Are No Longer Simply to Protect Your Eyes, But Can Also be Used to Enhance Your Sense of Fashion


Hello loves, how are you? Today we are going to talk about a fashion accessory that makes the look more beautiful and chic. The sunglasses leaves it with an extra charm in the look.

This year the glasses are super modern, with creative and innovative design, have glasses for all kinds of tastes, if you like the kitten glasses, glasses with prints and more retro glasses you will love the trends of glasses.

Stamped frames

Tortoiseshell sunglasses
Tortoiseshell sunglasses

The prints of tops, dresses, jackets, bikinis and swimsuits will be transported to the frames of sunglasses and prescription glasses. Animal print, geometric and polka dots will be printed on acetate frames, capable of lifting even the most basic look, jeans and T-shirt.

Colored lens glasses

Polygon frame rimless sunglasses
Polygon frame rimless sunglasses

The colored lens with transparency enhances

the look and highlights the makeup, which results in cool and current looks. It is a simple accessory to match, as it transits between various styles.

A tailoring look gets a point of interest when the complement is the colored transparent lens glasses. Urban and casual productions are even more fashionable with the accessory. For a boho chic style proposal, the colored lens glasses are perfect!

Dramatic kitten

Cat eye sunglasses with case
Cat eye sunglasses with case

A kitten glasses, with drama. In this version, the format is narrower and the pull is exaggerated. It is the reinterpretation of a classic with a certain futuristic touch. As a consequence, the model became smaller, fitting into a second trend: small glasses.

Retro sport aviator

Flat Top Shield sunglasses
Flat Top Shield sunglasses

This reinterpretation of aviator style glasses is loaded with nostalgic and sporting references. The model is a little bigger, in a mention to the mask shape, which will be the great success of the summer season.

In colors, it appears in sober versions of brown, gray and green, but also in blue and orange with a slight transparency.

Red frame

Cat Eye Sunglasses
Cat Eye Sunglasses

She’s back! The color appears in different formats, from classics to fashionistas, in combination with lenses of different colors. With black, it forms a sophisticated proposal; with a blue lens, it is bold; and prescription glasses, modernity and fun.

Transparent frame glasses

The glasses bring a proposal of lightness and enhancement of facial features. They are discreet, allowing you to use even more colors in makeup and maxi accessories.

On the other hand, it is a perfect frame to compose a minimalist look. With light make-up and delicate accessories, you will have a clean and fresh look.

Butterfly glasses

The butterfly-shaped glasses, pulled up in the upper corner, are elegant and look up. They look beautiful on elongated faces, like oval and inverted triangle (heart), since they add proportion and harmony.

Yellow lens

  Yellow lens glasses are a trend coming directly from the 90s. The 2020 version comes with mirrored lenses, exaggerated designs, metal and acetate frames and still forming a gradient with other colors.

1 – Clean your glasses properly

You do not need to wash frequently, but whenever there is a possibility of containing a grain of dust or sand. This is because running water removes these grains, making it impossible to scratch the lenses. You can also use mild soap to remove greasy stains. To dry, opt for flannels and microfiber cloths, which are ideal for this cleaning. If you have a product such as sanitizing sprays, you can also use it.

2 – Keep them out of the sun and heat

As well? Leave the sunglasses out of the sun? That’s exactly it. When you get home, try to store them in places with lower temperatures and away from direct sunlight. That’s because heat can damage the frames and lenses. Also, avoid leaving your accessory in the glove compartment of the car, using it in the sauna or in places with hot water.

3 – Do not soak your glasses in salt water

Sea water is harmful to various accessories, and glasses are not left out. This is because it can lead to oxidation, loss of gloss and, in the case of non-plastic frames, to rusting. In the long run, even the protective effect is lost.

4 – Make adjustments

It’s not just prescription glasses that need adjustment. The sunglasses too. That’s because, over time, it can loosen. If you do not make the necessary adjustments, you may end up dropping and spoiling. If you need help, always take it to a trusted point of view and don’t try to optimize at home.

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