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How to Make Your Face Look Like Sweet as Jelly

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Hello loves !!! All right? Today I bring tips for you to have your face sweet as jelly. Having that beautiful face and well taken care of.

I love taking care of the face, as it is our calling card, so we should always take care of our face.

Care Sun Sunscreen + Brightness Control SPF 50
Care Sun Sunscreen + Brightness Control SPF 50

That beauty comes from within, everyone knows that! But it costs nothing to give a little help on the outside to feel even more beautiful. They have nothing to do with what others think of us, the important thing is that we like what we see in the mirror. It means treating yourself well, taking time out of your daily care with others, to think a little more about us. The skin is our biggest organ and the face is our business card. To have a peach skin it is important to follow a step by step daily

It is of fundamental importance to always use sunscreen, as it helps to prevent skin aging, so it is important to use sunscreen before leaving home on sunny days.

See 6 days to have perfect facial skin !!!

  1. use moisturizer before makeup

It is very important to moisturize the skin before sweating makeup, Hydrating the skin before makeup can guarantee a better finish, in addition to a more beautiful and natural result.

TimeWise® Expressing Lines Reducing Moisturizer SPF 30
TimeWise® Expressing Lines Reducing Moisturizer SPF 30

2. Eat with quality

Another very important factor for the health and beauty of the skin of the face is to feed carefully. Investing in colorful and diverse dishes is essential for the organism to receive all the nutrients (such as vitamins, minerals and amino acids) necessary for the production of fundamental proteins, such as collagen.

In addition, some foods can be very harmful to the skin, causing problems such as acne. Avoid meals that are too greasy or have large amounts of sugar and chemicals, such as preservatives and stabilizers.

3. Get enough sleep

A large portion of the population suffers from the negative effects of lack of sleep. Not sleeping well brings countless health damage and they can be seen with the naked eye on our skin, either by the presence of dark circles or the faster aging of skin cells.

It is impossible to say the right amount of sleep that we should have every night, as this amount can vary widely from organism to organism. So, know your limits well and try to sleep with quality, always respecting the signals emitted by your body and, of course, by your skin.

4. Take care with sun exposure

The ultraviolet rays emitted by the sun are directly responsible for the aging of the cells of our epidermis, in addition to causing mutations in this region. Changes in the structure of DNA can cause serious problems, such as skin cancer.

Therefore, sun protection is essential not only to avoid blemishes (very common with exposure to the sun) and other negative aesthetic effects, but also to ensure the health of the skin and avoid problems that can affect other regions of the body.

5. Perform periodic exfoliations

Do you usually exfoliate your skin? This habit is little incorporated into the routine of Brazilian women and daily habits should start to take part. It consists of the chemical or mechanical removal of dead cells from the face surface. In addition, this practice unclogs pores and reduces problems with blackheads and whiteheads.

TimeWise Repair ™ Renewal Facial Peel
TimeWise Repair ™ Renewal Facial Peel

The periodicity of the exfoliation will depend a lot on the type of each skin (sensitive skin needs less exfoliation than oily ones, for example) and the need of each individual. Therefore, consult a dermatologist to clear these doubts and do this step with due care to avoid the rebound effect.

6. Remove makeup before bed

Another very famous enemy of beautiful and healthy skin is the habit of not removing your makeup before bed. This severely clogs the pores and prohibits the skin from breathing, in addition to impairing cell renewal in the region.

Despite this, it is worth mentioning that when used wisely, makeup does not cause any damage to the face. To use them correctly, use a good remover (also known as make-up remover) before going to bed and always have beautiful skin.

Take The Day Off ™ Cleansing Oil
Take The Day Off ™ Cleansing Oil

Take The Day Off Cleansing Oil is a makeup remover based on natural oils, which provides a frictionless application. For all skin types.

Mary Kay® Eye Area Cleanser
Mary Kay® Eye Area Cleanser

Gently remove eye makeup, including waterproof mask, without pulling on the delicate skin in the region. The formula does not leave the feeling of greasiness on the skin.

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