Why is the underwear easy to deform? Note the four cleaning points

Many women are reflected in their own underwear is particularly easy to deformation, bought only a month or two has been deformed? Can not help but ask that in the end is the problem of underwear it? Or their own cleaning problem?

Underwear deformation is a very common problem, especially improper cleaning, very easy to cause deformation. As a woman’s personal clothing, underwear deformation is not suitable for wearing, so care is very important oh ~ to see underwear wash underwear, it is not easy to deformation.

Machine wash or hand wash?
Hand wash
Have to say that some of my sister is too lazy, what underwear ah, underwear ah, socks often throwing washing machine with a stir ~ This is very wrong, especially for the bra with the bra, do not use washing machine washing or dehydration, Let your underwear serious deformation, but also damage the material. And close clothing and other clothing with easy to wash bacteria, although lazy, but should pay attention to health ah.

Cleaning agent soaking
Wash a bra when wearing up to 2-3 days should be cleaned. Because the main component of human dirt is protein, so use a protein-specific detergent with detergent to wash, and can not use hot water

Gentle cleaning
Many people think that underwear is not good to wash, especially how rubbing ah, had been so small, but also uneven cloth, do not know how to wash well. This issue Xiaobian often complained before. In fact, underwear know how to wash the law is still very simple, first of all underwear need to soak, and then to beat or wash the way wash clean.

To dry
Underwear do not easily wring dry, especially wearing a steel ring, very easy to deformation, do not wait for the dry out on the dry, first dry with a dry towel and then drying

Be careful to store
Free underwear manufacturer folding underwear is easy to lead to underwear deformation, so when folded, no steel underwear can be folded side of the cup to the other side of the cup, and then the shoulder strap and back into the lining. If there is a bra in the wire, as long as the pendulum can be spread out

Underwear is thick good, or thin good?

Chest can highlight the beauty of a woman line, a good underwear can care for our chest to optimize the curve of our body, increase the female personal charm. A bad underwear can put your chest sub-minute ruined, buy underwear the biggest problem is the thickness of the dispute. So, underwear in the end is full of good or thick good?

In general, small chest girls usually wear thick bra, so you can look from the visual fullness. And big chest sister is like to wear thin will not seem too unexpected.

If it is for the United States, then, big chest to wear thin chest thick, but also right. But if it is so good to wear on the chest, then it is not right.

Underwear filled with sponge, it is difficult to breathe, so easy to produce chest disease. Underwear selection avoid a single, should be based on different occasions to wear. So that it can minimize the damage to the chest.

Sexy gather small engraved bra
On the thin thick gathering Shuangfeng, breathable do not hold your breath, so you are full of confidence. No steel ring does not pressure chest soft skin, no formaldehyde does not stimulate. Side of the Deputy milk noble luxury.

Ice silk no trace anti-light sleep underwear
Sleep do not wear underwear although it will be more comfortable, but it is likely to cause chest expansion, so sleep or wear sleep underwear, no steel ring, sponge free demolition, elastic breathable.

Thin section bra to gather the bra
Thin cup underwear for small chest sister, solid chest thrown away bound bloom female self-confidence charm. Honeycomb sponge breathable design, refused to hot, reduce chest pressure, show women charm.

Front buckle depth V gather sexy thick section bra
Personality style, plus the mouth to gather the effect of better, to support the chest more full. Sexy is a kind of comfortable and breathable, comfortable than naked. Sexy lace makes you charismatic.


Underwear steel ring also sub-categories, See what kind of your underwear belongs to?

Most of our girls buy underwear when they will feel the appearance of underwear is very important, many people will choose the appearance of sweet or sexy lingerie, but some underwear is not suitable for our breast, wearing both uncomfortable and not conducive to Chest development, in fact, there is a very important reason is that steel ring, steel ring is also classified, each person is not the same category Oh. Underwear steel ring also assigned to see what is your school?

1.Plunge-Wire This type is also called low-fat models, it is relatively large curvature, it is suitable for wearing some of the larger collar clothes. Will not reveal underwear. It is similar to the degree of bending bananas, so the effect is very good gathering.

2.Full-Cup Wire This is what we usually wear the full cup, from all angles wrapped in our chest, but also help to receive the breast and back fat, so that our chest appears more upright, but also more Conservative.

3.Balcony Wire This steel ring formed a half cup underwear, gather the effect of the first two good, but the bearing capacity is very good, this underwear cup only 1/2, so more suitable for some sexy underwear, Such as lace underwear.

4.Uni Wire this steel ring underwear is not a lot, because in the production of time is not easy to shape, and suitable for the chest is also less, the price is more expensive. It is by the silicone tube through the left and right steel ring together, the shape is rather special. Many of the larger girls to wear this underwear will feel not gather, so it is more suitable for small chest girls.

5.Demi Wire This steel ring to form the underwear support role is better, to prevent the chest sagging, and more natural, not too much to gather. More suitable for big chest girls, because too much of the gathering may make the upper body was fat, this steel underwear can make us feel very comfortable, simple and clean.

6.No Wire In fact, if you want to wear natural and comfortable underwear, or no steel underwear better, because there is no steel ring bound, can be more breathable. We are in the movement, no steel underwear to ensure that our chest is a good support, not easy to swing, of course, it is the effect of gathering is also very good

We choose underwear when we choose according to their chest type, can not just look at the appearance of Oh!

Glossy underwear This underwear uses a piece of design, no trace no steel ring, and the process is very fine, feel very soft and delicate. Hit the color design can make us glow young vitality. Material is very light, it gather the effect is also very natural, very comfortable to wear comfortable.

Lace underwear This full lace underwear is very sexy and romantic, and can be a good support for the chest, more together. But also can receive milk, to prevent the deformation of the chest, steel ring and no steel ring style can be any choice, very intimate, can be more fit our breast.

Seamless underwear smooth design is very suitable for summer, we wear some relatively tight clothes will not reveal the outline of underwear. The material is very light to wear it will not have a sense of restraint, and gather effect is also very good, even the chest is relatively small girls can wear clothing with good results.

Gather underwear This underwear thin on the thick design is very suitable for small chest girls, gather the effect is very good. Exquisite steel ring is not easy to deformation, wear very natural, there will be no sense of restraint. Lace design is sexy, able to show our feminine, very beautiful to wear.

Adjust the type underwear manufacturer of underwear full cup adjustment underwear is very suitable for the chest of the larger girls wearing the same, the chest is not symmetrical or thoracic sagging, outside the expansion of the girls will have some improvement. It can also be a certain degree of confidant, to help us improve the chest of the various defects

ouch the embellishment of the touch, the release of underwear charm

Underwear area is only a little bit, but it can create a different style of modeling, adding a rich variety of design, operating system varied effect. A touch of straps in the chest, a trace of charm in front.

Strap is like a kind of outside the decoration, in their own clothing to do a decorate, do not belong to their own elements, but after the match to achieve a natural, even the finishing touch of the effect.

Lingerie in the strap design, usually also used in these parts: chest, back, shoulder strap, or underwear side. In different parts, decorate the different beauty.

Although the tie is the Department of modeling, but it does not give people the feeling of restraint, on the contrary, there will be relaxed feeling.

The charm of the strap, from the retro, from Smart, not hurry to buy a belong to your own tie underwear?

1, four corners of the ribbon tied on the care underwear suit. A collection of bra, the shape of the four corners of the cup, no steel tray wearing comfortable, on the care type is conducive to the shape of the chest, retro strap full of flavor.

2, four corner cup without steel band underwear suit. Polyester fiber and nylon material to create a underwear, quadrangular cup upper body design, briefs lower body modeling, U-shaped cup hold up the chest, the middle of the strap design is very unique.

3, sexy lace cross strap underwear. Thin lace fabric, gathered shape cup design, through the visual effects, in the back and pants side with a strap design, both sweet and sexy.

4, sexy strap lace bra. Exquisite delicate lace flower texture, very fresh and sweet feeling, chest is the center of the bow tie, sexy full, a quite stylish underwear.

5, embroidery triangle strap bra set. Cotton and linen material hollow woven bra, triangular cup sexy elegant, very thin shoulder strap and chest strap for the bra to add a unique flavor.

6, retro lace straps together bra. Sexy lace and the cover of the combination of embroidery, exquisite and full of personality; on the type of cup design, the chest gather, chest strap design sexy charming.

7, gather anti-skid strap underwear. Silk and lace material combination, sweet and elegant temperament, no steel ring design wearing comfortable; chest strap design to increase the sense of lingerie Smart.

8, hollow leaves take a pair of breasts with bra. A Japanese style of the bra, lace of the material, on the care cup to create sexy Breast, chest strap design complex flavor rich, a variety of colors optional.

Want a comfortable and sexy chest, pregnant women underwear how to choose?

Pregnancy and belly as a huge change, to be the mother’s breast friends. Want a comfortable and sexy chest, pregnant women underwear how to choose?

From the beginning of pregnancy, most of the mother’s breast will begin to increase, ordinary bra also slowly become inappropriate, then pregnant mother will be ready pregnant women bra.

How to choose pregnancy bra? Look at the following aspects:
1 underwear shoulder strap, side and cup below the edge to be wide. Strong, good elastic shoulder strap is not easy to relax, you can gradually increase the breast to a very good support.

October Mommy bra, according to the changes in female breasts during pregnancy design, deep V + lace fashion design, so that pregnant bra is also very sexy. All the buckles on the bra are made of resin and do not cause skin irritation. The front of the bra is also equipped with a buckle to facilitate the new mother feeding in breastfeeding.

2 cup area is best bigger, you can contain as much as possible breasts. Because after pregnancy, pregnant mother’s breast will be more sensitive, so that underwear will make pregnant mother more comfortable.

bravado pregnant women bra, Canada professional breast-feeding bra brand, can be built inside the chest pad is a major feature of this section underwear, breast-feeding, can be replaced at any time chest pad, is also very intimate. In addition to the main shoulder strap, as well as shoulder strap design, in the feeding when the underwear will not fall off.

3 adjustable degree: pregnancy bra “lock” Department, the best by more than four rows of hooks, when the chest gradually increased, you can adjust the tightness at any time.

4 comfort: underwear manufacturer the best choice of cotton material bra. Many mothers will be easy to sweat, cotton fabrics will make my mother more comfortable.

Bra two-breasted, three-row buckle, four-row buckle difference in where?

Bra should be the majority of women’s necessities, and the market is also dazzling array of underwear, so choose a suitable for their bra will be very important, and better care of women’s chest health, we choose underwear Time will generally find underwear with two rows of buckle, three-row buckle, four-row buckle, and some reach five rows of different styles of bra bra, face a variety of bra style, you can know a few buckle bra in the end what Does it work?

First to say that the two-breasted underwear, two-breasted underwear are relatively light type of underwear, in the summer when the general will choose thin section of the underwear, or go out to climb what, most of the two rows Buckle, so you can make your body is not so hot so that the chest hot sweating, so the chest is relatively small or flat chest sister choose two rows of underwear is enough, and easy to wear off.

I believe we all know that the three-breasted bra is more common belong to the regular bra, but also people most likely to wear the type of effective modification of the package, in the daily life is the most common three-breasted bra.

Four-breasted bra generally belong to the adjustment level, and can keep the body curve when wearing, often wear underwear tweezers will find their own flesh will become more back, because the fat to the back of the development, so the choice of four rows Buckle underwear can effectively wrap their own back curve, so that the back of the lines more symmetrical, to achieve the effect of shaping the body, if the more fat sister wearing two rows of bra, then the back of the meat may grow uncoordinated Oh, so there will be fat generation.

The role of breasts are mostly increased by the stability of the bra, so that it is not easy to deformation, not easy to run away, and the chest in the C cup above the sister can choose some more breasted bra, so that can effectively prevent the chest sagging, Generally speaking, A cup of sister generally wear two rows of underwear, B cup sister most of the three-breasted underwear, C cup of the same sister can also wear three buckle underwear, fat sister can choose four Breasts, like D, E cup of the sister can choose a four-row underwear, F, G cup sister can choose five buckle underwear. Of course, this is not the decisive choice, we can choose according to their own breast different styles of underwear.

Do not know we often wear a few buckle bra? Choose not only to pay attention to it is a few buckle buckle, but also to observe its fabric and breathability, the version is not suitable for their own, after all, is the best for their own.

Underwear does not fit the four major injuries, you know?

Many women are very insightful to skin care, can find the most suitable for their own CP value of the highest products. But do not pay much attention to the underwear in the body, the reality of many women because they will not choose Bra, with you simple science, underwear wear the wrong will cause what harm!

Breast is a special organ on the human body, there are shapes and the characteristics of the fluid. Because the breast is fluid. Breast play the main support of the organization are Cooper suspensions and skin, if the underwear of the lack of support, over time there will be sagging problems.

2. external expansion, pseudo-vice
Commonly known as character milk, underwear too loose caused by, but wearing the wrong underwear is not the only reason for the expansion.

3. breast tower layered
Long-term wear steel ring or cup too small underwear, underwear steel ring on the breast caused by deformation of the breast tissue, was tower-like.

4. Shoulder pain
Underwear shoulder strap is too short or too tight, or shoulder strap material elasticity, resulting in shoulder pain, skin wear are possible.

Above these five cases, to see if they have occurred, we can see a suitable underwear for how important it is ah! A pair of underwear, wearing uncomfortable, version and SIZE does not fit, the choice of materials is not safe, causing harm, it is not a good underwear. Woman, to be better for yourself!

Recommended: no steel underwear, this feature is very very light, the upper body is completely no sense of restraint, because it weighs only 40% of the ordinary bra, the choice of 80 fast dry fabric, light breathable, do not walk, to the breast Comfortable care!

Recommended: underwea rmanufacturer summer cool ice silk without trace underwear, soft, antibacterial, breathable, farewell sultry, to the private parts of the same experience, a variety of color combinations.

There are old people and children at home, pajamas should be how to choose?

Some mothers like to dress at home some cool, loose long sweat when the miniskirt to wear, and the jacket or V-neck, in the bow to pick up things, make children feel uncomfortable. If there is an old man, it will definitely be said.

On the one hand and her husband want to keep fresh, on the one hand but also take into account the growth of the child’s child protection. So the mothers choose home service time to pay attention to a lot.

Many young parents often think that the child is still small, ignoring the impact of dress on the child. In fact, an ordinary white dress worn on her mother, so that children feel safe, warm, warm love, can pull closer to the mother and the child’s mind; but a too casual clothes not only bring the child negative, It is difficult to close the feeling, and even lead to the child’s curiosity.

1. Wear a child in front of a decent body
Take care of the child’s life, dress to be decent. Children like to learn to imitate. Mom and Dad’s external image is part of their concern. Therefore, my mother do not wear sexy or low-cut clothes and so on. Dad should also pay attention to, at home, try not to barely wrist or wearing panties around walking around.

2. Pay attention to the way before the child
Children at home, do the behavior of parents should not be too casual. Many mothers at home (especially in the hot summer), although wearing a long skirt, but it is likely not to pay attention to their sitting position, resulting in the original dress is not free, but because the mothers do not pay attention to maintaining the image of the children’s psychological development Had a bad effect.

Underwear, bra, bra did not the same, do not get mixed!

When we search on the Internet underwear keywords will find most of the goods are related to the bra, bra, bra, bra and underwear is different, although the relationship between them ambiguous, but not completely Equivalent.

We usually said that underwear, as the name suggests is inside the clothes, directly with our skin fit the clothes, this will have our skin have better care, women’s underwear has a long history, different times have different calls Law, there are called two stalls, but also called Bra, chanting, and we all know the belly pocket, and now called the underwear and bras.

The scope of underwear is more extensive, as we wear winter underwear, body sculpting clothing, Qiuqiuqiu, bra, underwear and so on are included in the range of underwear, because the underwear is directly fit the skin, so the fabric is also a variety of Diverse.

Bra is our general name of the underwear, we have ever seen triangular bra, girls bra, bikini bra, etc., its purpose is to care for our chest skin, of course, there will be shaping the role of the beautiful chest curve.

Bra is a more literary terms, it is a foreign vocabulary, bra two words sound and there is a noble and elegant beauty, although the bra also has a bra with the role, but the bra is more than the bra some of the role and style , The bra is more of our usual wear clothing elements into the bra, so that the appearance of more refined, such as adding some lace lace, embroidery, leopard and mesh elements, with the fine Color, and so on, very beautiful, and different from the bra with a single shoulder strap form, it has a variety of forms of shoulder strap and cup type, to help women create enchanting back curve, making the female body tends to perfect.

So, underwear, bra, bra or there is a difference, of course, there is a bras, that is, we usually say that the small vest, are generally more self-cultivation, mostly for the style of Bra.

Do you have any distinction? Here to tell you about the beautiful bra, bra it!
No steel bra
Simple bra surface, showing a super texture, the use of cotton, can be a good care of their Jiaoqiao skin, bringing a soft and comfortable experience, but also for the big chest sister is very practical, no steel ring design is not Will cause the phenomenon of empty cup, and plasticity is very strong.

Sports vest
Comfortable and simple sports vest, the use of essential oil pad material, can better massage their chest, bring a more comfortable experience, you can more confidence in the movement, do not worry about the problem of drooping sagging, no steel ring design to wear very Comfortable, will not bring comfort to the chest, stylish and gentle.

Lace bra
Sweet and lovely lace underwear, full of girls heart, shoulder strap is very flexible, and with their own comfortable pad to the chest skin can bring a good dress experience, can be a good modification of breast, get rid of the milk Of the troubles, small chest sister is also very close to wear.

Cotton lace underwear suit
Simple with the nature of a piece of underwear, wearing soft and comfortable in the body, they will feel different and easy and free, no steel ring design exacerbated the bra softness, so that there will be no sense of the existence of the waves, Hem beauty and simple, highlighting the different Smart feeling.

No matter what kind of these three, underwear manufacturer are the protection of our chest play a role, although there are different names, but the traditional concept is vague, anyway, are women’s personal clothing, their own Know what you need.

Big chest and chest, who are more annoying?

All along, the big chest sister and small chest sister are envy each other, but the chest has big chest trouble, small chest also has a small chest, and today Xiaobian to compare the big chest sister and small chest sister’s troubles.

Round 1
Big chest sister choose underwear is very tangled, can not wear all the clothes, can not just wear a shirt to go out, wearing a shirt will always worry about the button will suddenly burst open.
Small chest sister do not choose underwear, save the money to buy underwear?

Round 2
Big chest sister can not tummy to sleep, running the bus when the bus will be deeply tired, wait for the chest running, feel good chest ah.
Small chest sister would rather in the underwear plus two layers of chest pad to make the proportion of the body looks more coordination, but there will always be some guilty conscience.

Big chest sister is doomed and cold and neutral wind without wind, you want to try the style of handsome but the chest will become very convincing, looking like the clothes can only sigh.
Small chest sister in the choice of clothes also have limitations, no shoulders of the Bra-type dress without chest simply can not hold up, wear a dress occasion can not open the heart of the crowded.

Big chest sister will be more worried about emptying, usually worried about some wretched eyes.
Small chest sister how to create on how to create, do not worry about emptying, someone was attracted to you because of your broad mind.
According to the above several rounds of comparison, Xiaobian think that the big chest sister’s troubles more, because the little chest sister’s only trouble is his heart level, I hope that they have a convex after the Alice’s body, involuntarily envy the big chest Sister.

underwear manufacturer china

And the big chest sister seems to worry more, weight is never inferior, feeling breathing is very heavy, can not wear bra go away free, underwear is also difficult to choose, the only advantage is easy to groove female taste, life has a lot of trouble The
What kind of breasts do you think will make you worry? Or that because the chest is big or chest to bring you the trouble it

Big chest crush must be full of cup bra, and this professional Dai Zhi adjustable bra can be a good package of breasts, the use of international cutting-edge materials, to create the most comfortable bra, with a big chest is a small function, So that big chest crush better with clothes.

Four-breasted bra to achieve a good effect of the recipe, but also effectively heal the back of the fat, this bra with romantic lace material, 3D cup type, the Golden Triangle set off, steel ring with nickel-titanium alloy steel , Give you the most comfortable wearing feelings.

Seamless steel ring underwear worn up very comfortable, this bra selection of breathable good drawing fabric, the back of the U line is the back of the design, can smooth the back fat, comfortable and easy to wear, better with a variety of shapes Of the coat, so that you wear more type.

In fact, whether it is small chest or big chest does not matter, as long as they have self-confidence like, when your chest will bring you some trouble, you can use underwear to improve these questions, it becomes no problem.