Brett Kavanaugh’s Yale Frat attacked the female student room on campus, parade bra and underwear

According to a new report from Yale Daily News, in the first year of Yale University, the troubled Supreme Court nominee Brett Cavano joined the Delta Kappa Epsilon Brotherhood, whose culture “is notorious for not respecting women” Shown.”

Julie Klein graduated with Kavanaugh in 1987. He described the fraternity as “Animal House,” and another student at Kavanaugh, Jennifer Lew, recalled on the YaleWomen Facebook page that the Brotherhood Brotherhood “ransed” the woman during class. The student’s room “Yale Daily News” reported and stole “underwear”.

On Thursday, the student newspaper published a photo of the Kavanaugh DKE brotherhood brothers in January 1985, which featured the banner of women’s underwear and bras marching on campus. According to reports, Kavanaugh was a second-year member of the Brotherhood, but did not appear in the picture.

Christine Blasey Ford accused Kavanaugh of sexually assaulting her at a party in high school. He denied the allegations, and various defenders claimed that nothing in his role indicated that he would attack the then 15-year-old Ford in the early 1980s.

According to Yale Daily News, Kavanaugh’s supporters include a female Yale classmate in a letter to the Senate Judiciary Committee on August 30. The letter sent a letter to Kavanaugh respecting women and supporting female athletes.

But a few days after the DKE underwear flag parade, Yale University student Rachel Eisler said in a letter to the Yale Daily News Editor that the banquet’s antics were meant to “devalue women.”

In 1986, Yale graduate Eisler wrote that if any man’s underwear is included in the mixture, she would ask one of the people with the “flag” pole.

According to the Yale Daily News, Eisler said that he told her that he thought that any “man’s stuff” would not be part of the flag, but maybe “your underwear may be here!” the letter said.

According to reports, a team member said that a group member carrying a banner of underwear recalled that the underwear and bra were “obtained from women.”

“I am almost certain that any women’s underwear will come from… Women know that they are willing to donate them at will,” Steve Gallo, who attended class in 1988, told the store.

Emmy 2018: How to get the hair curls of Madelaine Petsch

For the first time in history, the 2018 Emmy Awards, Riverdale’s Madelaine Petsch participated in the celebration of all television shows. At her official Emmy Awards ceremony, the actor devoted herself to her beauty routine, guiding a little Cheryl Blossom for one of the most memorable appearances of the evening.

For her beautiful look, Madelaine shook the fluffy curls to the side. She paired her choice of hair with a fun makeup palette, including winged eyes, bare lips and mascara. Although her Riverdale traditional red lipstick is gone, this style is reminiscent of Cheryl Blossom’s beauty routine.

In an interview with Teen Vogue, Madelaine hair stylist Marc Mena explained how the actor considered their beauty options when attending the Emmy for the first time. He said: “We want the whole look – hair, make-up, dress – to gather together in a cohesive look, but also a bit dramatic, because this is her first time to participate.” “Her dress is very colorful, we Don’t want your hair to be taken away from your clothes or dresses, lest you take away anything else at the same time. They fit together perfectly and look clean and natural.”

Marc revealed that her dress was “very well organized” because the formal outfit also had a bodice, and he didn’t want her makeup and hair to look too strong. “We want to keep it modern and young,” he said.

If you feel inspired by a similar look, Marc shares his BTS style secret with Teen Vogue. For Madelaine, he used ghd Platinum + styler and pointed out that the product recognizes the thickness of the hair.

In addition to having the right hair care products, Marc also said that he should not “over-think” your work. “It’s a natural curl, so you don’t need this uniform curl, which is why I curl my hair with an iron and a curler,” he said. “Twist ghd platinum + to create that S-wave look. Let it flow, don’t be afraid to brush it and touch it – it will bring youth and sex.”

Hair stylists also believe that this style and other similar styles are very popular throughout the fall. He said that the current hair style trend is focused on the natural whimsy of embracing hair. “It’s all about not working hard,” he said. “Don’t be easy. Don’t try to reshape what your hair naturally does. Emphasize it with a natural texture! Just like we are told to be comfortable with our skin… Stay comfortable on your own hair .”

Burberry’s 50 British bourgeois shadows

In a huge former Royal Mail warehouse south of the Thames, luxury development is to look forward to the influx of foreign funds that have never been realized, and after a long teasing – a new, popular Peter Saville logo; A limited-edition T-shirt worth $390; Beyoncé recently wore a custom-made outfit at a concert in Houston – Burberry’s chief creative officer Riccardo Tisci finally launched his first collection. There is no celebrity in the audience.

However, the earth is still moving.

In fact, this is not true (although the writing is very interesting). This is the ceiling, and the metal slats pull back to let the sun enter. Fashion has never been afraid to embrace a somewhat obvious metaphor.

This is a show with three performances (five, if you count the men’s and women’s departments), the official title is “Kingdom”, although it is easy to be “Burberry As You Like It.” From the first act: Britain The 50 shades of the bourgeoisie, starring in the trench.

The Trenches are fitted with a large bodice elasticated waist and redesigned as an A-line skirt. They wore signature lattice linings and they came to hang the pearls. They bring ribbon scarves, such as ribbons, and blend with logo prints and swaying pleated skirts.

They come from men, with neat structural cuts and narrow trousers, pinstripe suits and contrast-colored piping, and hatched slings instead of the sword behind them. The fabric is very lush and the accessories (belts! bags!) are rich.

Prior to this, Mr. Tisci was known for his previous incarnation, because the Gothic feeling was full of junk kicks, and Kardashian-Jenner’s social life, he proved that he can use the best of them to do Sloane Square dress. .

Therefore, the curtain is allowed to appear in the second scene: the youth part of the collection.

That is, Shakespeare’s mashup (citing, like the armband on the sleeve, like the Barbara Kruger on the shirt), the sex pistol (photo montage stuck in the chest pocket, like the logo of the mechanic; Who killed Bambi “through a men’s leopard coat”, cowhide print (because it might be rustic?), sweat shorts (suitable for him) and shorter culottes (suitable for her).

Not to mention a new invention: a thigh hug. Imagine a strap attached to the bottom of a men’s T-shirt, then hanging around the thigh, or cutting it into two turns from the hem of the mini skirt. The purpose is not clear. Bondage, maybe.

So until the third act: evening. Go back to polishing. Long black dress with vest or draped gold-plated tassels, waltz made from huge crystal chandeliers.

Mr. Tisci, the background behind the show, said that he wanted to prove that Burberry was not just an “identity” but could make many points; he could wear a mother and daughter, father and son. In order to do this, he hopes to be free to celebrate all the aspects he has experienced while thinking about England (he lived there for eight years, starting at the age of 17, he went to the fashion school and found his call).

He did that. What he didn’t do: pay tribute to the eccentric British or Bloomsbury, a former pet theme that is now often clichéd. This is a relief.

Take part in HIV testing, get a lingerie gift card, and meet with RuPaul Starlet Naomi Smalls

This article was originally published in the paper Out In SA.

To encourage more community members to test, Unify San Antonio will offer a $10 gift card to their office’s male B Wear lingerie store between September 14th and 25th.

These gift cards can be used on Male B Wear at the Sip and Shop party hosted by RuPaul’s Drag Race alumnus Naomi Smalls on September 26th, and he will perform at the Heat Nightclub later that evening.

Smalls (aka Davis Heppenstall) is best known for participating in RuPaul’s Drag Race in the eighth season and winning the runner-up. Since then, she has been co-hosting the WoWPresents Internet series M.U.G. with Kim Chi, and the two heroines have criticized the Queen’s makeup. She also has her own YouTube series “Small World”, where she tells about her life on the Drag Race.

Unify San Antonio is part of the Health Care Service Center and is part of HIV/HC Hepatitis Prevention, Intervention and Outreach, with the goal of reaching out to LGBT youth.

To qualify for a gift card, you must contact Unify San Antonio at 210-261-3616 to schedule an HIV test. Only the top 30 callers can get a gift card. However, all those who take the test will participate in the sweepstakes to win the men’s B $ 100 gift card award.

Huzzah for the Union: The Civil War Collection attracts hundreds of people

Few soldiers in the world have entered the battlefield and already know who will be the winner. But this knowledge did not defeat the spirit of historical reenacters at the 10th annual civil war rally at Van Raalte Farm on Saturday, September 15.

Hundreds of people were attracted on the first day of the two fighting days, and the Allies and Alliance forces resumed the Battle of Gettysburg. The Battle of Gettysburg lasted for three days and was seen as a turning point in the civil war against the coalition forces. Throughout the war, it was also the largest number of casualties in all combat.

More than 100 reenacters wearing league and Confederate costumes went to the battlefield of Van Raalte Farm, shooting cannons and rifles filled with gunpowder. When the crowd looked at it, the horse rode into the battle and the bayonet was cut off. Along with the battle, several historical Impressionists portrayed President Abraham Lincoln, Harriet Tubman and the famous general.

Before and after the battle, the soldiers and their families showed the onlookers life in the camp, including cooking and repairing clothes on fire. A salon is open for refreshments and sutlers tents filled with wooden swords, clothes and other historically accurate souvenirs for sale.

Jenna Roth saw her 11-year-old child Gabe and 8-year-old Abby see the resurrection of the civil war.

Roth said: “We hope to see and re-enact and experience life at the time.”

For Abby, her favorite part is fighting.

“It’s so cool to see the cannon being fired and the horses are great,” she said.

Lisa Appleton takes off her underwear and sucks sausages next to some trash cans

The rise of the empire, the fall of the empire, but Lisa Appleton’s double love for sausage and garbage collection will never die – as she herself proved in the “Big On The Side” of “Big Brother”.

Lisa appeared at the press conference on Friday night and took off her underwear so she could play a s in front of the live studio audience.

The 2008 Big Brother roommate earned a reputation for being a fame in ten years, but despite being a little celebrity’s glitz and glamour, Lisa felt the most at home, with a sausage in her mouth and a trash can behind her.

When Rylan Clark-Neal introduced her to the BBBOTS panel, the moody star no longer had the excitement to return to the spotlight.

She wore a black lace-decorated oyster-colored bra to show her surgically carved chest with a transparent cover on her shoulder.

Lisa, with a strong eye makeup and a unique lip liner, then slammed one end of a plastic-like Frankfurt sausage into her food on the camera and took a bite.

If she is lucky, Lisa will at least give her bus fare home after the show, because she lives in a tree house because it is “homeless.”

Lisa lives on wild animals, and pictures of naked undressing were passed down last month, after she refused to be a lucrative job as a camera girl.

“I think I will live a better life in my own house when I am 50,” she told Mirror Online. “I am shocked and frustrated by my current living environment.

“I am tired of crawling furry reptiles, and a night owl that wakes up all night, keeps me awake.”


She continued: “I met a friendly fox. I gave him my leftovers and gave him a cheeky sausage. He cheered for me – I called him a tinker!”

Since revealing that she has moved into a new country, Lisa has been criticized by Twitter followers who believe she is telling the current situation of pork.

“The general public response is: ‘This is not true, this is a setting!’ and other stupid comments, but I found some of them interesting.

“Some people even said that they hope that the tree house will not collapse, because my weight is one ton!

“If people criticize me for sleeping rough… Finally, I am not logged in, I am rebuilding my life.”

Highwoods underwear thief

long sleeve tops womens

Diane Toms suffered two lingerie thefts in a week.

The 54-year-old mother is Sioux Close of Highwoods, and her family saw this interesting side when her bra and shorts were first removed from the laundry line in the garden.

However, the same thing happened two days later, and she is now afraid to hang her clothes outside.

She said: “The first time was Tuesday, I went to wash clothes and asked if my partner brought my underwear.

“He said no, but my underwear has disappeared.

“The second time is Thursday. If it is only once, will I mind, but twice? They should not do this.”

On weekends, she had to go out and buy new underwear – she had lost six pairs of shorts and four bras.

Only women’s underwear was taken, no other touch.

She wondered if the wind had blown off the underwear, but tried to find it and could not find it anywhere.

She added: “This is just underwear, not clothes. We need to know who is taking it and warning others. Are they just doing it for fun?

“I only have a small garden, I look around, it is not here, or in a nearby park.

“I have had enough. I didn’t call the police because I didn’t know what to say.

“At first this was a laugh, but at the end of the day it was serious.”

She said that a new ‘gang’ has entered the area and they have caused trouble for garbage and torturing her pet cat.

She wondered if the underwear legend had anything to do with the gang.

She said: “I don’t wash clothes anymore. I can’t continue to buy new things.

“Someone also stole my cat Sooty’s collar three times.

“This used to be a nice place.”

She asked other residents, especially the elderly, to be vigilant.

Singaporeans sentenced to jail for stealing underwear and other illegal acts

ladies long sleeve tops

A man who was widely condemned for the death of a traffic policeman was sentenced to 18 months in prison for alleged crimes, including threatening his girlfriend with sex videos, stealing underwear and shoplifting.

Thomas Chua Poh Heng, 40, whose occupation is unknown, pleaded guilty to six charges last month and considered eight similar crimes in sentencing.

On June 4 last year, he was captured by the staff of the Mustafa Center and stole a bottle of perfume worth S$98.

Around 5 am that day, security guards at the Little India Mall noticed that the perfume part sounded an alarm. They saw Chua and began to track him.

Chua soon began to get out of the woods, but was called by a security guard. He then came out of the Mustafa Center but was eventually detained by security guards outside.

Chua took the perfume bottle out of her trouser pocket and claimed that he wanted to pay.

Threatened girlfriend with sex video

The court also heard that Ms. Cai took the POSB Go from his girlfriend! The debit card belongs to someone called Lin Zhong.

His girlfriend, 36, found a debit card at the ATM at the Vista Point shopping mall in Woodlands on April 26 last year and wanted to return the card to the bank.

But Chua took the card from her and intended to use it.

On the same day, he went to two nightclubs in Geylang and spent more than S$1,000 (RM3,015.29) on alcoholic beverages.

The next afternoon, Chua sent a threatening text message to his girlfriend – unable to name it due to a court order – told her not to report the case to the police. The court documents said that he said: “If you have reported or divulged anything about me… I make sure you are super famous, even more than porn stars or anyone.”

Then, he sent her a video of nearly two minutes to let them have sex.

The court was told that the video was taken with her consent a few days ago and that the woman was identifiable in the clip.

It is not clear whether she reported the case to the police.

Kendall Jenner’s penetrating perspective dress at the Longchamp event in Paris barely imagined… because she spread the virus for the nude beach snapshot

floral semi formal dresses

She is one of the most popular models in the world.

On Tuesday night, Kendall Jenner naturally became a guest of the 70th anniversary of the Longchamp in Paris.

The star following Kardashian dared to wear a gorgeous sheer dress, sparkling her high-waisted black underwear under the lace material.

When Kendall enlarged the door in this strange event, Kendall would definitely turn his head and a group of excited fans gathered outside to see her.

The Queen of the United States showed a lot of skin in her clothes with extreme plunging, and she was indifferent under the tight clothes.

As she climbed the stairs leading to the venue, the long floor skirt went to her to let her see her long legs.

floral semi formal dresses

This is a nude photo taken from her and the famous photographer Russell James, and his forthcoming book called “Angel.”

Fans squeaked on Twitter, and the models ran wildly on the beach and rode barefoot on social media.

However, it seems that these images should not be used only for public consumption, because the source related to the shooting told TMZ on Tuesday that the images were stolen from James and released without his permission.

The star seems to live a better life in Paris after landing in the city of lights on Monday.

Kendall shared two new photos from Instagram in her deluxe hotel room, and she never looked better.

The Vogue model flashed a bare shoulder while wearing a white robe because she caught more than twenty red roses, which seemed to be a gift from her boyfriend.

Kylie Jenner’s sister is also very well made with heavy makeup and lipstick.

She finally dated a basketball player Ben Simmons. And she has been kissing Gigi and Bella Hadid’s brother Anwar Hadid, who is also a model.

This is the second day after she stopped Jimmy Fallon’s The Tonight Show at NBC.

People who find cocaine in underwear deny that they are drug dealers

Openly prosecuted Graham O’Sullivan accused the police of discovering the news of drug addicts on a cell phone next to a renter driver seat driven by 29-year-old Daniel David Sandford.

On the evening of January 7, 2017, he was detained and stopped at Gudrumgate, York.

Sandford has allegedly claimed that he had just purchased cocaine for £280 in a nearby car park and did not intend to supply it to anyone.

He claims that the news has nothing to do with drugs, and the phone is next to the front passenger seat.

The Venice home in Sandford, Eboracum Way, Yorkshire, denied having cocaine and intended to supply it.

He admitted to having the marijuana found in the car on the same occasion.

The jury is expected to review its judgment at the York Criminal Court today (Friday, September 7).

They heard that Sandford had previously had evidence of consent for drug conviction, and in April 2016 he was convicted of possession of cocaine, with the intention of providing cocaine after the police found cocaine in underwear.

He claims that in 2016 and 2017, cocaine was on the center console of his car.

Every time the police stopped him, he panicked and put the drugs in his pants.

In 2016, he only intended to bring cocaine to the car with two people he bought together.

According to Mr. O’Sullivan, a police expert estimated that the street sales of 4 grams of cocaine found in 2017 were worth about £300.

Sandford denied that the phone was in his interview with the police.

It was proved that Sandford claimed that this was his friend’s call. He borrowed a phone when his phone was repaired. Once the police returned it to him, he threw it into the trash.

Mr. O’Sullivan claims that one of the text messages contains phrases that drug users often use, but Sandford claims that this is a friend who sometimes borrows money from him. The case is still going on.