Stop saying women wearing lingerie is offensive

We’ve come a long way since women’s lingerie was referred to as unmentionables, or have we? Recent protests and complaints concerning ‘inappropriate’ ‘pornographic’ advertising from retailers Bras N Things and Honey Birdette suggest otherwise. Most recently, the shopfront of Bras N Things in Campbelltown’s Macarthur Square shopping centre had been labelled as“disgusting and offensive” by local Councillor, Cindy Cagney. Speaking to the Macarthur […]

Thando & Sbahle serve sauce in Thabooty lingerie

The underwear manufacturer china official launch of Thando Thabethe’s lingerie line has finally arrived‚ five months since she first announced that it was in the works. And‚ she’s shared some sexy snaps featuring the equally bootylicious Sbahle Mpisane. Taking to Instagram‚ Thando shared her excitement ahead of the official launch tonight. “The day has arrived… […]

Celebrity Halloween Costumes That Are Legit Just Lingerie but Ok

From Paris Hilton (of course) to Kourtney Kardashian, plenty of celebrities are guilty of stripping down instead of dressing up for Halloween. Now, let’s get something straight, we’re not inherently against the idea of sexy Halloween costumes. Like, there are sexy Willy Wonka costumes that we rocked in college, and we wouldn’t take those memories back (if we could […]