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Best Shapewear Shorts Deals Black Friday

Never miss the best chance to get a quality short shaper for a lower price this coming black friday online deals! Lots of short shaper you can choose from depending on your needs. Every lady deserves one!  

1. High Waist Shaper Shorts with Front Hooks

If you’re looking for a best shapewear shorts that can provide a firm compression and can flatten your waist and stomach then you’re looking on the right one. This shaper short will not roll down at your stomach because of the front hooks. This also targets your thighs as it compresses it to look more slimmer than before. And it’s currently in 50% off giving your moneys worth. Furthermore, it’s super comfortable and durable which also targets your tummy section for a better shaping experience.

2. Curve Shaping Shorts

With a 40% off the price this shaper short will give you all the best experience of shaping that you’re looking for. This really makes you feel comfortable because this short shaper is not too tight. It also has detachable crotch and butt pads that gives you comfort-ability in using it even all day long. This also shapes your butt and abdomen effectively leaving and giving you a sexier look that you desire for your body. You can also reduce the pressure and tightness with the adjustable shoulder straps.

3. Zippered Shapewear Tummy Control Shorts

Gone into a post surgery, then you’re into the right shaper short! This shaper is good for post surgery moms because of the front zipper and removable straps that can reduce tightness on abdomen and waist part of your body. While leaving you a long lasting sexier figure.

This is a most try short shaper with it’s current price cut for 45% off. Since it is braless, you have your own choice for the bra that you want to wear and pair to it. This short shaper also lifts your butt giving it more emphasis.

4. Removable Hip Butt Pads Slimming Butt Lifter

This is must see and try short shaper for ladies who wants comfort above all. With its removable and adjustable shoulders straps giving you more options on the tightness that you want for your shoulders. It’s currently in 35% off the price so this is a must buy short shaper for you.

The high elastic mesh gives you more control and comfort-ability even wearing this all day long. And with its open crotch for easy bathroom use. Unlike other shapers wherein you need to take them off first for bathroom use. It also lifts your butt with the hip-cup design.

5. High Waist Shapewear Shorts

This shapewear shorts is a must have for ladies aiming for butt lifting, butt control and leg shaping. Its on 40% off the price which gives worth to your money. It also has zipper crotch design for convenience and bathroom use!

No matter what you’re going through right now! It’s always better to stay in shape and always confident and this short shapers offers and guarantees it for you.

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The Best Way For Women To Buy Shapewear Online

best waist trainer and shapewer bodysuit

Well, hello there. Are you amongst those women who have never bought a shapewear before? Or you bought it and you haven’t made the right choice and now you are looking for some advice? You shall not worry, because you are on the right place. Hexin fashion is here to help you out.

Buying a perfect shapewear is not an easy thing to do. It demands a research and a bit of time. That is why we wanted to give you an opportunity to get all the tricks and tips in one place! First and the most important thing when buying a shapewear is that shapewear is always supposed to make you  feel comfortable. The main role of shapewear is to improve your mood by boosting your confidence. You are definitely not supposed to feel uncomfortable in any given moment.  Besides the size you should of course pay attention to which type of shapewear do you actually need. The type of shapewear you need depends of your body type. For example if you consider that your lower part of your body is critical than the obvious choice would be to take leggings shapewear. A good option is also a full body shaper because in that case you would always feel secure to wear anything you would like. Click HERE to pick out the best full body shaper for you.

Down below we will link a couple of our body shaper models so feel free to explore:

Skinny Black Plus Size Underbust Bodysuit Zipper Bodycon

Skinny Black Plus Size Underbust Bodysuit Zipper Bodycon – This shapwear is perfect for all of you who consider their lower part of the body to be critical (thighs and butt), but tummy area as well. The front zip makes it super easy to put on and to take off.

Skin Color Adjustable Strap Bodysuit Plus Size Full Body Shaper

Skin Color Adjustable Strap Bodysuit Plus Size Full Body Shaper – This skin color shapewear is a perfect option to go under any outfit! The glue on the leg opening stops it from rolling so you will definitely not have a problem with that. It also has a crotch with opening design which makes it easier for women to go to the toilet.

Weight Loss 5 Steel Bone Adjustable Sweat Belt Waist Trainer

Weight Loss 5 Steel Bone Adjustable Sweat Belt Waist Trainer – If you are looking for a perfect neoprene body shaper than this is a right choice for you. This shapewear is made to make weight loss easier. The neoprene material is soft, comfortable and sweating.

Ladies Gray Zipper Front Neoprene Wire-Free Sport Bra Cool Fashion

Ladies Gray Zipper Front Neoprene Wire-Free Sport Bra Cool Fashion – If you are looking for a perfect wire-free sport bra to give you support while you work out than this is the right model.

Plus Size Tummy Control Black Zipper Elastic Short Sleeve Neoprene Bodysuit

Plus Size Tummy Control Black Zipper Elastic Short Sleeve Neoprene Bodysuit – if you want that perfect hourglass figure than this shapewear is here to enhance  the effect of doing sports.

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A Good Figure Is Never Far From You

A Good Figure Is Never Far From You

Having a good shape is every woman’s dream no matter the age. We always want to nail our look and wear the hell out of our outfits. When invited for an event, we want an hourglass figure to pair with the day’s outfit. Wearing a body shaper under your outfit will smooth out your figure and make you feel much more confident. 

If you are new to shapewear, you might be wondering what we are talking about. Shapewear is an undergarment designed to shape your body, and it can be a one-piece or two pieces. It hones the areas you are not happy with. In this post, we will show you which shapewear best suits different parts of your body.

Best for full coverage: Bodysuits

The bodysuit is designed to offer you control on the tummy, thighs, and rear. Sculptshe offers the best shapewear bodysuits that create a more streamlined silhouette.

Best for arms: arm trimmers

If you have flabby arms that make you not wear your favorite short-sleeved tops, we have you covered. Out arm trimmers are latex-free to cater for those with sensitive skins. They also have an adjustable feature to fit perfectly.

Best for waist: waist trainers

Flatten your tummy with the best waist trainer for plus size women. They put more compression on the belly and gives you a figure that makes heads turn.

Best for thighs: thigh trainers

If you have thick thighs that need to be trimmed, these thigh trimmers will not only work on your thighs but also work on your tummy.

Best for a butt: butt lifters

Do you have a flat bum that you would like to lift? The butt lifter shorts would work wonders. They come with rear pads to make you feel better about your bum.

Forget about wearing baggy clothes to hide your flabby and chubby bits. sculptshe body shapers will do all the work for you. Our shapewear comes in different styles and sizes to cater to your slimming effect needs. A good figure is all we wish for you, and it is never far from you, just a click away.

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Plus Size Waist Trainer for Women at FeelinGirl

The waist trainer is a fantastic piece of body shaping product that helps you shape the waist and tone it as per your requirements. Amongst the different fitness equipment and shapewear clothing, the waist trainer is top-rated due to its efficiency and relatively quick results. There are other ways to shape your body and tone the waist and work out and physical exercises, but these methods take time. By using the waist trainer, you will likely get instant results, and the continued usage of these trainers can potentially have a lasting impact in shaping your waist as per your requirements. Here it is worth noting that wearing the waist trainer for a sustained period of time can potentially have some side-effects or drawbacks and so you must consider that aspect before purchasing the waist trainer for yourselves.

The waist trainers come in different shapes, sizes, and dimensions. It is often difficult for plus-sized women to find the perfect clothing accessory. However, these days, many the manufacturers produce plus size waist trainers for these women, so if you are plus size, you don’t have to worry about not finding the ideal waist trainer for your size. There are plenty of options available in the market for plus-sized women, and so you must take a look at different waist trainers and compare them before you decide to purchase it.

The FeelinGirl is one of the best destinations when it comes to the plus-size waist trainer for women. Here you will find a lot of variety and range for the different body shaping products, and it is no different for waist trainers. When browsing, the products go to the waist trainers category, and from there, choose the plus size waist trainers who are available for sale on their website.

Latex waist trainers for women

If you are looking for the ideal latex waist trainer for women, then the trainers by FeelinGirl are an ideal choice. This is because the soft and breathable material provided in the corset works wonders compared to hard corsets, which make it difficult for breathing. The waist cincher or the waist trainer from FeelinGirl is a perfect accessory for the weight loss and your daily wear, and you can even wear it for an outdoor run or take it to the gym.  

Efficient shapewear bodysuits for women

The shapewear bodysuit from FeelinGirl is amongst the best in the market. It will potentially help you feel good about your body and be confident in your personality. This bodysuit shapewear will make you look stylish in any of the outfits. These cheap bodysuits are comfortable for wearing and provides the wearer with a pleasant experience.

FeelinGirl for good quality shapewear

The FeelinGirl is one of the best destinations for different waist trainer types, bodysuits, shorts, panties, sports bras, and leggings. The company’s objective is to provide ideal fitness and inner body clothes for the amazing women whose courage, inner strength, dedication, and passion inspire everyone.

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Tips on Choosing Body Shaper for Plus Size Women

Before you choose a body shaper you need to know your measurement. To pick the right size is the first thing you need to know. Try buying shapewear in your size or to make sure to try buying a size larger. Second is knowing your body shape and focus on what you want to flaunt. And third is choosing the best shapewear for plus size women like the durability the comfort and the effectiveness of shapewear.

1. Plus Size Bodysuit Shapewear | Ultra Conceal Compression Shaping Shorts

This plus size dress shapewear is not only going to shape your body but also give you a better posture it will help you reduce your size and the shape of your body and smoothing and slimming the body. It is also easy and comfortable to wear because of the adjustable and removable straps it has a side zipper so it is easy to take off. It is also has a specialized fabric that helps you lift your butt. It is also open bust so you can wear your favorite bra. This will help you control your tummy and will give you a sexy curve while seamless wearing a dress.         


2. Flatten bodysuit shapewear 

This is crotchless shapewear so it is convenient for going to the bathroom. This shapewear will flatten your stomach whether you are working or at home. It has a high level of firm compression to really help you flatten your stomach. It is comfortable to wear and it has an adjustable strap and it is also soft. You won even notice that it has snatched in your waist. This is recommended to any female who wants to look slim and have an hourglass figure  

You can even wear your favorite bra while wearing this shapewear because it is under the bust. This will really make you look slim. It will also give you an hourglass body and confidence.

3. High Waist Best Tummy Control Shaper
This shapewear has one plastic bone on each side of the waist to prevent it from curling. It is comfortable and convenient to wear because the fabric is meshed fabric and one lining it is also a breathable fabric it’s perfect for the summer. The hook and eye crotch closure for convenience to go to the bathroom. It is also soft against your skin so it is really comfortable to wear. The butt enhancing is designed to lift your hips and create a charming curve.

4. Postsurgical Body Shaper

This post-surgical body shaper helps you reduce discomfort it improves your posture and enables your normal clothes while supporting the uterus during your daily activities. It is easy to wear because it has a detachable zipper and detachable straps. The inner layer of moisture-wicking fabric is so comfortable and breathable.

  5. Under Bust Body Shaper 

This is the perfect garment to smooth your curves with firm control, and it will help you burn calories. And helps you slim your figure in any dress that you want to wear. This is underbust shapewear so you can wear your favorite bra. This will fit you without any bulges. It is also comfortable to wear and compression is really good.

This is the perfect garment to smooth your curves with firm control and it will help you burn calories. And helps you slim your figure in any dress that you want to wear. This is underbust shapewear so you can wear your favorite bra. This will fit you without any bulges. It is also comfortable to wear and compression is really good.

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Why You Should Get A Full Body Shapewear?


Shapewears come in unique sizes and shapes and in various designs, shapes, and sizes. Common to them all is the ability to shape your silhouette to that of the perfect body you desire. You definitely have some terrific outfit ideas you want to try on but it may look like your body doesn’t just seem cut out for them. All you have to do is simply cut out your body for them. How do you do this? Shapewear is all you need.

Big Size Body Shaper Enhancer
Big Size Body Shaper Enhancer

Shapewears are versatile in their usage. Be it for a work, causal, or party setting, they fit conveniently into whatever occasion you need them for. You may not have the time to work out and go through all the exercises and stress to get a perfect figure. Relax, you are not alone and we have a solution for you. With the best full body shaper, you can convert your body to your desired figure in just a matter of minutes.

Full Body Shaper Zipper Slim Fit
Full Body Shaper Zipper Slim Fit

You can make your choice of shapewear depending on what part of your body you want to focus on. A tummy shapewear would help flatten your tummy and keep it in shape. If you want to make your thighs slimmer and hide your waist fat, you can get a thigh and waist trainer. However, if you want to have an all-round effect, flattening your tummy, slimming your waist and thighs, as well as getting the overall perfect shape to look chic and lovely in any outfit, a full-body shapewear is just what you need. This is what full-body shapewear can do for you and why you need one.

Plastic Bones Straps Curve Shaper
Plastic Bones Straps Curve Shaper

A full body shapewear slenderizes your body and gives you an attractive slim look. You can be rid of the fatty appearance and don your classy outfits without any fear or worry. This shapewear has got you covered. Also, as they are made of a microfiber lycra fabric, full body shapewears fit just like a second skin on you. They provide your body with sexy contours, yet barely visible when you wear them, and totally unnoticeable beneath your clothes. They are just the perfect secret agents to accomplish the mission.

Bodysuit Big Size
Bodysuit Big Size

Another feature they provide you with is the additional support they give to your tummy and general outline. This makes you feel totally comfortable in them despite the firm effect they have on your body. You can wear them to any occasion and for as long as you want without feeling any sign of discomfort or pain whatsoever.

Miracle Brown Queen Size Plain Crotchless Bodysuit Unpadded Figure Sculpting
Miracle Brown Queen Size Plain Crotchless Bodysuit Unpadded Figure Sculpting

A full body shapewear is an excellent choice for you to work on your whole body altogether. It helps give you a defined waist, flattened tummy, slender thighs, raised and curvy bust and can also be a perfect replacement for a bra. You can get the full body shapewear that best fits your body structure, along with all other shapewears for your body at HexinFashion. Get yourself one right away and confidently look good in all your terrific outfit ideas.

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Heavy Clothes in Autumn and Winter, You Need Shapewear to Save Your Beauty


Hello loves !!!  All right?  Today I bring tips from modeling belt, to make your body more beautiful and with perfect silhouette.

 If you want to have a correct posture, and have a beautiful silhouette, you should buy wholesale shapewear braces.

Control Midsection Black Plus Size Three Detachable Belts Waist Trainer
Control Midsection Black Plus Size Three Detachable Belts Waist Trainer

See more details here : :

This modeler has 3 detachable hook belts that allows you to control your belly. Great for daily use, running, aerobics, physical exercises.

Medium Control Black 29 Steel Bones Latex Hooks Waist Trainer
Medium Control Black 29 Steel Bones Latex Hooks Waist Trainer

See more details here:

This modeler is flexible and adjustable, makes your hourglass comfortable.

Ventilate Skin Color Large Size Full Body Shaper Solid Color Fashion Comfort
Ventilate Skin Color Large Size Full Body Shaper Solid Color Fashion Comfort

See more details here:

This model has adjustable straps offering comfort and flexibility. Lifts the hips and creates charming curves.

Tummy Control Large Size Black Hooks Eyes Body Shapewear Open Crotch Slimming
Tummy Control Large Size Black Hooks Eyes Body Shapewear Open Crotch Slimming

See more details here:

This model with wide, adjustable straps has a 3-layer abdomen design to strengthen control, making your body more beautiful.

Powerful Skin Color Full Body Shaper Two Plastic Bones Straps Curve Shaper
Powerful Skin Color Full Body Shaper Two Plastic Bones Straps Curve Shaper

See more details here:

 This model has removable straps that are easy to take off, it controls the belly leaving its correct posture.

 The proven benefits of the modeling belt are:

 – Help to reduce the waist: When used correctly (without understanding the internal organs), the brace can help to make the waist thinner.

 – Improves posture: When using the abdominal belt every day, you will notice that your body is no longer curved.  In this way, the posture takes on a uniform and straight shape.

 – Contribute to post-surgical recovery: The brace aims to offer a better recovery and with less discomfort, protecting the operated area and thus helping to achieve effective results.  With its use the skin gains more firmness, the posture remains upright and what better, the modeling belt will tighten the abdominal region that was shaped by the surgical procedure.

 There are several types of modelers, a great modeler is the full body shapewear, as it provides more convenience when you wear a dress because it shapes the body making it perfect for you to wear that tight outfit.

 Types of modeling straps It is possible to find modeling straps made with different types of materials, such as satin, acetate, acrylic, polyester and nylon.  However, regardless of material or size, it is essential that the person feels comfortable using the brace.  “Nothing to buy a much smaller number than yours and to be suffering all the time. Of course, the modeler serves to model the body, but it must also provide skin breathability and lightness in use”, says the orthopedist.  The main types are:

 – Body: the body is a modeler for the classic body.  The structure is similar to that of a bathing suit and, generally, it is made of a thicker fabric, which compresses the skin.  Often, there is a bowl to model and support the breasts, giving more prominence to the neckline.  The back is in a swimmer shape, so as not to appear with blouses or more open dresses.

 – Abdominal brace: the abdominal brace is recommended for those who want to hide the belly fat.  This modeler is one of the most used, mainly with pants and dresses.

 – Bermuda: the modeling shorts are also used with the purpose of disguising measurements of the belly and legs or even so that cellulite is not in evidence with tight clothes.  If you have thick thighs, you can wear shorts to avoid friction between them.

 – T-shirt: the modeling t-shirt compresses the fat from the belly to the breasts.  As it has no closure underneath, unlike the body, you must be careful that it does not wrap after putting on the clothes.  The advantage of it is that you can go to the bathroom without worries.

 How to choose your modeling strap Ideally, you should try the modeling strap before using, as it needs to be comfortable on your body.  However, to help you when choosing, we have separated some sizes of straps for different body types:

 – Size P: Fits waists from 60 to 68 cm

 – Size M: Suitable for waists between 69 and 73 cm

 – Size G: Fits waistlines 73 to 82 cm

 – Size XG: Fits for waist sizes from 83 to 85 cm

 – Size XXL: Fits belts from 86 to 90 cm 

 At the hexinfashion store you will find the best full body shaper, and at an excellent price.

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FeelinGirl Best Waist Trainer and Bodysuit Sale

best waist trainer and shapewer bodysuit

Are you looking for waist trainers and body suits? You are in the right place. Today waist trainers and bodysuits have gained more popularity through various social media where celebrities post pictures of themselves wearing one. It has become a hot trend to wear a bodysuit below your regular outfit to look and feel confident. They help you give that perfect silhouette.


Well this trend has been around from ancient times. But lately they have gained more popularity due to the social media. But the waist trainers and bodysuits have come a long way since ancient times. They are more comfortable, durable and breathable. They are technically more advanced with modern designs and material that is used to make them.  


There are various reasons people gain weight. But it is always the best practice to try to keep check on it for the obvious health reasons. In order to have the beautiful hourglass shape, the waist trainers are of great help. They help to cinch your waist and compress the abdomen, while slowly giving you a perfect body shape.


You wear the waist trainers for a few hours every single day, while you are doing your chores and working out. You can also wear it under your office attire and regular clothing. Slowly you increase the wear time according to your comfort level. The best waist trainer for women will help you reduce your abdominal fat faster, while you are working out.


Wearing a waist trainer during your workout sessions increases your metabolism and fat burning capacity, which is amazing. While you can also wear a shapewear bodysuit when you are not wearing a waist trainer. It keeps all the fat compressed without giving muffin tops. Wearing a firm fitted bodysuit erases all the fat and makes your silhouette look smoother and slimmer. Today every woman wears it to gain confidence, look stylish and feel better about herself.


When it comes to waist trainers and shapewear we highly recommend trying the popular online brand FeelinGirl. They have some of the best quality garments that are comfortable, breathable and invisible under your clothing. The latex bodysuit provide firm tummy control and make your stomach look tight and flat.

The waist trainers and bodysuit work like magic to help you reduce your weight faster and help give your body a perfect hourglass shape, it is you who has to work hard. It takes time and dedication from you. Religiously working out, eating healthy and more fiber rich diet, reducing processed food, sugary drinks and carbs will definitely give you great results. Try the modern way of reducing weight with the help of FeelinGirl waist trainer and bodysuit.