Breast cancer survivor opens specialist underwear boutique in Lancashire

A former high school teacher from Lancashire, who has twice survived breast cancer, has opened an independent lingerie boutique, specialising in post-surgery fittings and garments.

Shirley Rigby, who has had a double mastectomy, has used her experiences and difficulties in sourcing specialist bras to set up Boobilicious in Upholland, near Wigan.

“The shop has been a dream of mine for many years. I have had breast cancer twice now and each time I have had a mastectomy,” said Rigby.

“I have since found it hard to get a nice, well-fitted bra, as have other ladies I have spoken to. I have now decided it is that time to make that dream come true.”

Rigby was recently made redundant from her job as a cover supervisor at Upholland High School where she worked for 14 years, reports Lancashire Means Business. She decided to invest her redundancy money into the new venture.

She has also written a book, titled ‘Boobs Are Not Everything’ which talks about her experiences battling the disease.

Boobilicious opened on August 19 and is located at The Old Post Office, Hall Green, Upholland.

As underwear manufacturer china well as post-surgery bras, the boutique also sells shapewear, accessories, bridal underwear and nightwear.


INDX SHOWSTOPPERS: The Lingerie Room’s favourite styles

Lingerie Insight is pleased to announce the first of our INDX SHOWSTOPPERS, as chosen by retailers.

After exhibiting at the show last week, Lingerie Insight asked individual buyers to select their favourite lingerie, nightwear and swimwear pieces from the trade show.

Today, Nicola Silcock, owner of the Lingerie Room in Harrogate, names her show-stopping styles.

“I would say that my favourite piece at INDX was Passionata Brooklyn in the new ice blue colour. Since it launched last year, Brooklyn has been one of my best-selling styles as the fit is great on everybody and customers love the comfort so much that they take it home in multiple colours. I think the ice blue colour is so fresh for spring and will appeal to all age groups. I love it!”

“I also loved the Panache Florentine Bandeau bikini. The Panache bandeau shape fits really well and I love the new print as it’s so unique and will appeal to any age range. I loved the Panache swim dress as well. The fact that this is being made in Sheffield is fantastic and should be a real selling point!”

Different occasions wearing different underwear, you do it?

Now most of the crush are more particular about what kind of occasions should wear what kind of clothes, what kind of hair, including what kind of makeup, and even what kind of underwear will be carefully selected, in fact, should be the case, Women must live a fine, delicate woman the most beautiful, most crush can easily solve, but different occasions different body wearing different underwear, you do it?

Underwear must not choose too tight, because too tight will lead to blood circulation, and squeeze the meat under the armpit, so that hurt the body at the same time also affect the beautiful, wearing a light-colored clothes, underwear The color should be light-colored system is appropriate.

If the body is more full of crush, you can choose a relatively thin underwear, choose under the cup out part of the underwear, to avoid the stomach and ribs were fat off the mark Oh ~

Some formal occasions need to wear deep V dress crush can choose to shape a better underwear, to adjust the body type and gesture, for your sexy extra points, eye lift increased.

Different body of the crush choose a different underwear, different occasions have to choose a different underwear, so much stress, you have learned it?

One piece of indentation underwear women’s chest no steel ring together sexy small chest chest lottery
This underwear with a comfortable breathable fabric, to create a comfortable experience, no steel ring design with a strong gathering effect, the standard golden section line, restore the body of the beginning of the United States, V collar clothes the best choice.

Ultra-thin breathable insignificant underwear women no steel ring thin section gather bra girl sexy summer small bra
No formaldehyde, do not fade the underwear is a good underwear, this underwear is the case, the use of high-quality fabrics, comfortable and breathable, is a very good detail, the back of a layer of cloth, not back, can comfort your care skin.

Underwear must choose no steel ring, this underwear is the best choice, and gather effect is very good, so you instantly create a charming career line, comfortable fabrics, fresh breathable, give you daily wear to add a different comfort experience.

Do not wear underwear to sleep in the end what benefits, the third point you want to try

A lot of girls tangled a problem at night to sleep in the end do not wear underwear! Because it is true, wearing underwear to sleep uncomfortable effort, only sister paper can understand!

So do not wear underwear to sleep in the end what is the benefit? The Xiaobian today to bring you a good reason, let you easily, be a sleeping beauty!

1 effectively relieve fatigue
Now are nine to five office workers, so every day to face the workload and life pressure is often exhausted. And do not wear underwear to sleep, mushrooms cool will feel a certain decompression, effectively alleviate the fatigue of the day!

2 improve sleep quality
Nowadays, many young people often stay up all night insomnia, life and work is disrupted. But do not wear underwear to sleep will be easy to let the mushrooms cool, into the relaxed state, and soon into sleep!

3 to promote physical development
For young girls, now more than the style of underwear to gather effect for the outstanding performance, so after day of day shackles at night it is best to let it in a state of freedom, but also to promote its development and development, to show the natural Breast!

Summer is a hot season, even late summer is no exception. Bra-type harness underwear, especially for this season now. And its texture silky, soft, no trace of the design upper body is very light, comfortable, free feeling more comfortable. And the personality of the English alphabet modeling back strap, stylish and delicate, but also anti-light!

And underwear manufacturer want to sleep comfortable, comfortable! Cotton bed four sets, the girls are the best choice! It is soft and comfortable, not easy to deformation, not easy to play the ball, the most important thing is the moisture permeability is very comfortable! And fine workmanship, color and fashion is very popular with girls love!

Most people wear underwear, especially the first two ways!

In fact, many people do not know the right way to dry underwear, the correct method of drying can extend the life of underwear, so wear more comfortable.

1, forced twist
After washing do not twist, can only be wrapped with a dry towel squeezed by hand, so that towel dry water, the hand gently pulled underwear to the original.

2, sun exposure
Small inside can sun exposure antivirus, but underwear absolutely can not! The sun will make the braze yellow, fade, cloth weakened to dry in a cool and ventilated place.

3, bathroom
Absolutely, absolutely can not hang in the bathroom. Dark and humid environment is simply a paradise for bacteria, flushing the toilet more bacteria in the range of 6 meters. Once the underwear on the breeding of bacteria, it will cause acne, nipple itching and other diseases, over time will lead to more serious inflammation.

4, hanging shoulder strap
In the end how to dry underwear it? Small book dare this problem more than 90% of girls are wrong!

Underwear drying method

Wring dry time, do not be brutal. Hold the cup, light out of the water (haze weather underwear more difficult to dry, you can put a dry towel on the back of the hand, and then placed gently cup pressure).

Straighten the back of the slightly rolled up, light out of the water (which is for the side than the narrow range of the narrow range of this step can also be omitted).

To use hand washing method of washing, because the machine wash will make underwear steel deformation, destruction of material fiber. Or choose to protect the net bag to machine wash, choose the shock program, the damage to the clothing to a minimum. Finishing the cover, straighten the shoulder strap and the surrounding position.

When drying, you can clip the clip on the lower edge of the bra (do not clip the side of the high cartilage) on both sides, or hanging on the hanger can also be.

Wet bra to the cup and the middle of the cup to hang up, should not hang the shoulder strap, because the weight of the water will stretch the shoulder strap.

Place the shade to dry (can be slightly sunny). Bra fabrics are mainly cotton, sponge, nylon, etc., direct sun easy to make the bra dry yellow, shorten the use of time. Dry the cup before the water pressure, and then gently pull the cup noodles. When drying up the underwear upside down, to avoid exposure.

Remember how many points, do not against the sun, to buckle the back row, slightly flattened and then tied on both sides of the shelf symmetry. Shoulder straps are not foldable.

If you keep it for a long time, do not use a sealed bag to save the bra, because the clothing is likely to cause long-term closure moldy.

Underwear should not be placed with camphor insect repellent, so as not to make the fabric loss of elasticity. Wool bra brace should not be wet, should be used with desiccant.

We underwear manufacturer china have to wear underwear more than 12 hours a day, underwear drying and breast health are closely related. Underwear to keep clean and tidy without deformation, our chest will be healthy and no pain! What mistakes did you make? Hurry up to correct it

eight kinds of underwear to wear the breast is very hurt! The third on the move

The chest is probably the wish of every girl, bra is the chest of the protective clothing, it can make women’s chest is more full of charming, wearing a bra looks like a very simple thing, but there are many small Partner life are wearing the wrong, not only affect the chest of the beautiful, but also hurt the chest health, the following eight kinds of brakes will make your breasts are injured.

1. The chest is hooked
For convenience. Many women will be linked in the chest line, and then turn the cup back. But it is easy to make the bottom edge and the location of the steel ring from the move, the stability of the chest is also no good.

2. wear a small bra
Some women in order to make the chest look more, will choose to wear a small bra, but through the tight bra affect the breast blood and lymph circulation, likely to cause ischemia, so very healthy

3. Through the loose bra
Some people like to wear loose clothes, so the bra also choose the big one, loose, completely did not play the role of supporting the breast, it is easy to cause breast sagging.

4. Do not adjust the shoulder strap for a long time
In the purchase of underwear, the sales staff will help us adjust the shoulder strap underwear. But because the underwear is loose, wear a period of time after the lingerie will be relaxed. Therefore, timely adjustment underwear shoulder strap, let the chest hold up, more conducive to the development of breast type.

5. Sling hanging on the shoulder
This situation appears in the winter, in order to make themselves more comfortable, so that the chest to relax. Many women, will hang the underwear hook, but hanging on the shoulder straps. But this way to wear, as did not wear the same, loose underwear does not help your body.

6. chest do not have to wear bra
Some women are relatively small chest, that they will not have big chest women “breast sagging” worry, so simply do not wear bra. But no matter what you are cup, the ligament will bear the weight of the breast during the event. So, even if the cup of small women, should also wear the appropriate bra.

7. bra is not bad not to replace
In fact, underwear is also life-long. Many people think that as long as the underwear is no bad can continue to wear. But this will make the chest damage damage. So, underwear wear after a period of time, we will promptly replaced.

8. Wear a bra to sleep
Some women are afraid of breast sagging, so all day wearing a bra, and some even sleep also wearing bra. But this day 24 hours wearing a bra, it is likely to cause poor breast blood circulation, induced breast disease. Therefore, female friends must be regularly loose to the breast, especially when sleeping must take off the bra.

After reading, how deep is the misunderstanding of the underwear?

Wearing a bra for so long you know what is the meaning of ABCDEF on the label?

Out of the bust data just refer to the size of the cup compared to the size of the chest is no meaning, A cup does not represent the chest is small, in turn, D cup does not mean big chest.

For example:
90A, bust 100cm
65D, bust 83cm
From the volume point of view, 90A must be greater than 65D! So that D cup is not great

So, girls in the end how to find the right bra?
1, to measure the upper chest and chest;
Method: naked body forward 45 °, try to do like the bra after the appearance of tall and straight,
2, calculate the cup size;
Method: on the chest – under the chest = cup size
Like the underwear label on the 34 / 75,36 / 80 and so on to express the data under the chest, 34 on behalf of the chest under the chest 75cm, 36 is the meaning of the lower chest 80cm.

Pick a good bra, wear also pay attention

Lace girl underwear
Super girl with feelings of the bra, three-dimensional very strong cup, modified small sexy curve, the release of warm girl wind ~ charming thin shoulder strap more small woman, free to adjust the design, work hard embroidery rendering a sense of vitality ~ fabric comfortable Put it on the mm feel soft and no stiff feeling, skin-friendly good!

No steel ring girls underwear
Romantic lace, visual touch ~ pink mesh gently set off the soft women, the skin of the delicate luster, exudes a unique charm of women! No steel ring design, wearing a more comfortable body, the shoulder strap can share the shoulder of the bear, a strong pull double peaks, heart can lead to create a deep v effect, clever shape sexy curve.

Seamless breathable bra set
The more simple style in the cut on the more sophisticated, package design shows a smooth sense of the line, the back can be exquisite small U-type, you can heal the back fat, the heart can be called the breast collar, 4 rows of 3 buckle to meet the different Stature girl’s needs ~ underwear crotch with antibacterial fabric, do not fade, anti-wrinkle fabric safety and environmental protection ~

This kind of underwear manufacturers beauty underwear selection is a comfortable and soft, absorbent sweat a fabric, widen the shoulder strap design allows you to exercise, to ease your shoulder pressure, can be extracted a chest pad , Moderate thickness, do not leak, widen the design of the next circumference more shaping thin.

Wearing underwear of the errors, these four kinds of underwear will shrink the chest

Underwear for girls is an indispensable clothes, wearing underwear at the same time not only to protect your chest, but also make your body curve more beautiful. But if you wear the bra is not suitable for their own, often wear on the chest will cause squeezing, the body will cause some damage. So what kind of underwear is not for you?

1, shoulder strap down

There may be two reasons for this phenomenon, the bra is too loose too loose, easy to move after the shoulder strap fall. The other is the wrong shoulder strap style, each person’s shoulder type is different, with wide shoulders, narrow shoulders, shoulders, cut shoulder, etc., different shoulder type suitable for the style is also different, such as cut shoulder Special attention to the bra strap design can not be too outside, to choose those built-in type design, so that it is not easy to slide down

Mysterious sense of sexy triangle cup lace before the front buckle female underwear no steel thin cotton breathable bra bra
To be more refreshing in summer, this underwear is very suitable for you. Exquisite lace pattern embellishment as a whole, outline the charming sexy temperament. Triangle cup, small and exquisite and inclusive, but also not too cumbersome, refreshing breathable. A change in the traditional back button design, the use of the front buckle off when more convenient. Underwear at the end of the crotch design for the cotton fabric, has a good skin-friendly and breathable.

2, cup up

Many times the behavior of girls will be relatively large, if you gently raised his hand, your bra cup ran up, which shows that your underwear is not for you. The reason is that your underwear bust is too loose, or the cup is too shallow, like a plate floating on your chest.

Summer lace sexy bra suit sexy underwear care together small chest no trace lace embroidery
Elegant and elegant dark green lace pattern, outline the charming Breast, delicate and sexy sultry. Underwear at the end of the crotch is a cotton fabric, skin-friendly good, comfortable and breathable. Close to the full cup style, with a good gathering effect, at any time to show the charming posture.

3, empty cup or crowded cup

Empty cup is a very common situation, empty cup when the size of the cup to choose the wrong choice, the general cup size is defined by ABCD, if you choose C will be empty cup, it is recommended that you choose the following C cup size. Squeeze the cup is the same reason, indicating that the underwear cup is too small, you should replace the cup of a little bigger.

Victorian fruit underwear suit ladies summer ultra-thin section gather up sexy lace side to receive chest
Very elegant underwear color, revealing the slightest little woman feelings. Add a small butterfly as a decoration, exudes a lovely and youthful atmosphere. Thin cup, summer wear very comfortable. Half a cup of design style, enveloped with a layer of micro-feeling, people put it down. This underwear cover cup code number more, D code also have Oh!

4, underwear will cause indentation

If you wear a underwear after you feel chest tightness, then that this underwear caused you squeeze, take a bath at night when wearing underwear where there will be indentation, this underwear you have to be careful. Especially with a steel underwear, no steel underwear is the real gospel of women.

Lace small chest underwear manufacturer thin thin underwear female students high school students girls gathered deep V bra suit
Noble and elegant purple lace pattern, outline the charming Breast, delicate and sexy sultry. Underwear at the end of the crotch is a cotton fabric, skin-friendly good, comfortable and breathable. Close to the full cup style, with a good gathering effect, at any time to show the charming posture.


What are the characteristics of the bra, you have chosen right?

Good things who like, especially a good bra is sought after by female friends, because a good bra not only can protect women’s breasts, but also play the effect of shaping the curve. What kind of bra can be considered a good bra? What are the standard bra

1. good bra must be able to make your chest showing the best state, while wearing and comfortable.

2. Everyone in the selection of the bra when the focus is not able to gather the chest, but ignored the armpit and the back of the lines. Really good bra in addition to be able to wear out full of full chest and sexy cleavage, but also pay attention to the armpit and the back is out of the ugly marks, or no matter how good the chest can not be called a good bra.

3. In the selection of underwear, pay special attention to the size of the bra, the appropriate size of the bra, preferably the distance between the breast and bra, can accommodate 1-2 fingers, and wear to feel comfortable and comfortable.

4. Remember the bra can not be too tight, especially those who have a bra, the chest size must be wider, in the hand and exercise, the chest will not have a sense of oppression, the bra will not be removed from the breast, remove the bra Breasts do not appear around the mark.

5. Bra material is also very important, it is best cotton, chemical fiber material sweat and poor permeability, easy to cause allergies. When the body activities, the bra will continue to rub the nipple, bra inside the fiber filament is easy to enter the breast, over time, will block the breast, induced breast disease.

One piece of no trace without steel bra twist sexy adjustment small bra comfortable girl underwear
Advanced hot pressing technology, 3D stereoscopic molding, increase the abundance. Soft breathable mold cup, gracefully support the chest. Breathable stretch fabric, Le easy and comfortable, lock the extra small fat. Brushed, more comfortable

Hollow embroidery underwear manufacturer water soluble lace thin section chest chest bra Bold exaggerated hollow water-soluble embroidery lace, upper body later, three-dimensional sense of strong, sexy generous! Cup for the thin cotton cup, away from the black heart sponge, with a soft steel ring comfortable and healthy shape, light and breathable, especially for spring and summer wear. Cups can be placed pad. Double elastic shoulder strap, anti-slip Le

These underwear must not be shared, no matter how good the relationship

Although there is a saying, “We are wearing a pants grow up” to describe the degree of close relationship with friends, but this sentence sent from the health point of view is very bad. Although the relationship with the girlfriend no matter how good but some things can not be shared. Some friends may say that I know that is not the toothbrush and contact lenses these things into the eye thing. In fact, this is not finished some underwear is often overlooked by us but must not be shared

A bra
Bra looks quite comfortable gathering is also very good, by I wear to see? This sounds very common, and even when buying a bra when someone in order to better experience the effect, will not wash the bra directly close to the skin to wear. But in fact a lot of bacteria will be affixed in the bra to wear long-term attention and cause skin and skin diseases.

No steel ring sleep bra thin mold cup girl junior high school student sports sleep underwear cotton vest bra
No steel ring bra, wearing comfortable no pressure at the same time the effect of gathering will not be because of the steel ring and greatly reduced. Because it is cotton material close to wear soft while sweating and permeability better, because you can quickly sweat can effectively reduce and control the breeding of bacteria.

Summer no steel ring sleep bra thin mold cup white girl middle school student sports sleep wear underwear small bra
To women sleeping when designed bra, wearing comfortable while also to prevent the night to sleep is outside the chest expansion and sagging. Cotton inside is very breathable even if the night cover is not sleepy feel hot and humid to bring the chest really dry.

Underwear is to protect the privacy of women’s last line of defense, but also the closest private office and underwear. For everyone’s gynecological health underwear must be washed and then wear and because of the different body of different secretions are also different of these secretions of bacteria will not wash because of washing so pants must not be shared even if the panties have not washed She was wearing.

Socks are often overlooked, that socks no importance, which friends socks do not put their socks to her to wear, in fact, people’s feet sweat glands, blood vessels, nervous system is very developed, when the feet out of some body fluids, easy Residual bacteria on socks to their socks to others to wear easily lead to cross infection